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keara Fox

Like that meme's once said "Idiots.... Idiots everywhere." 😩

KnifeGame or Nothing

Does anyone knows the song?

Im_trypanophobic yeeyee

PANDAS BACK ..... where was he

A very weird Aquarius girl.

Knowing my mom and dad they would've just skip the video and say something like


I’m only 13 but I’m already set on adopting.

willie mctavish

I cut my head open 3 times win I was 2 now I am 8

today like an hour ago, i was coming home from school and this woman crossed on a red light when it was a green light and she almost crashed into us. I thank everyone today for saving me

Ireland Foley

why is emma chamberlain the human embodiment of “I’m not like other girls”

Noah Johnson


Annie Mingeriak

Omgsh this made me cry so much

dilip tudu

Rc monster truck

raki radan


There's a CSI Yeah joke in there somewhere.

Kittyheaven mpe

Can we show this to the teachers at school? My class is really stressful but at least I sleep enough

מורי דורון דורון

2019 ?

X malcolm10

Im happy for u


Faveriot one frisbee

Me: (spits out tea) BItCH

Jj27 MY

That's not real


Except boys are still stronger than girls.


Wtf dat ending xd

Clara Jones

I loved this video

Kim Seokjin

Find yourself a lady who works at mcdonalds, it'll be a perfect match.




There ALL great

Hicham Dadi

really? call of duty is OP

Edit: hope your ok (The girl who survived the plane crash)

I guess I will like my own comment because no one else will

швецазики софия

Тут русские есть??????? ОТЗОВИТЕСЬ

grwgw wgrgwrg

What if Guru is Adam Sandler? Hmmmmm 🤔

max corn

The xbox one that throws the CD in the console.



Jake Kaim

The bowsketball shot?

Drayden Joseph

i download you app

Blake Fletcher

the under water shot was the best

bebecito hermoso

la mejor musica de Bab bunny es Callaita ya es mundial en todo el pais

I reported him but can someone give me help , you will find this disgusting and hate me don't ask about it in comments on my channel due to family friendly stuff anyways I'm sharing this story to help others be confident if it happened to them I'll edit this comment at the end of the day if he did or didn't post anything please give me tips and share your story of happened to you! ❤❤❤

BlueFinger Gamer

2:09 you always end a trick with a little rail action*bottle fall's * garret: ummmmmmmmmm


How do u play as pig josh