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I have a question. What kind of hardware/software combo do you use to record from your PS3? I've been wanting to record some of my The Last of Us Factions gameplay for a little tips and tricks series.

Slurpy dog M

How?!!!? I want to go on that that looks cool!! So cool so BIG!!!

James bentor

You uploaded it exact on my birthday

Ronney Zamora

She got her first phone when she was 17? That sounds pretty late. I got my first phone when i was 10 years old back in 2014.


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I wanted to introduce myself,my name is Mary, I am a New York transplant currently living in Michigan, talk about a Culture Shock!! I was greeted by a Tsunami of Flannel and Jeans!! That said, this is my first visit to your site. I am in love with your New Eyeshadow Palates! Your colors appear to be highly pigmented and an array of application ideas as well!!

Adryn Ingle

I was taking a tour at the training center when you guys made this video!! I saw you guys and I flipped out haha

Alexander Jaeck

What about theovertime room

Bubblegum Drop

I love Starbucks

Dog Gaming

can you say where you get the gear

Noah Fross

What about Charlie’s energy balls

Zechariah Cameron

If I'm not mistaken I think Chris's grandfather was beaten up and killed at a gas station during the night hours.

Hope Ranae

I've been to the place they filmed this.

The AsianPersuasian

AN MAN!!!!!!One of my favorite movies. Even ant man 2 i love. Lets go Paul Rudd

Jlatino 007

3:46*911 flashbacks*

Zanzaroni GR

you have like 10 easter egg vids why didn't u make them all in one vid separated on categories?

jade the anime weeb

no offense but instead of just grounding him and taking his phone, banish him off to military school

DCFC 564



The video is 13:37 long... Coincidence ? Maybe.


Sorry but this is so stupid why would you want to go to school

fasieh asim

Watching it in 2018!!!!!

Jackie Aller

Ty is the best


call the police

Caroline & Danielle

If u ever fell dum just remember there's always someone dummer


Hey Guru, this question has nothing to do with this video but I was wondering, when you buy a game do you buy it with the intention of having fun and completing the storyline or finding easter eggs etc and making a video? Also when you get GTA V will you go looking for easter eggs straight away or try complete/do a decent amount of missions first?

Ema Bonilla

Rocket league?

Egan Ryan

u suck

itsGAMER_ Anindita

2:33 there is written 1 years

Is it true?

avocado on toast w/egg and bacon

Xbox is gay

Ava Lewis

Oh my goodness I am so sorry, I cannot imagine this. I wish you all the best in the future, many beautiful children and a wonderful relationship with each one. I love you, you are so brave. You are beautiful. Just keep going, never lose hope.

David Cruz

The next film should be at laser tag

Loglace cool


zeemin dmn

They should trade him tbh im just being honest when i say this. He doesn't have that type of mentality to be a laker. Seems. Like an east type of guy

Blossom Flower

Jonas is kind of cute

Robinson Espinoza

Pokemon mmorpg ?


I love the Robin Williams one in Borderlands Pre-Sequel.

Jhonny _

Also the osmosis jones

Chandler Baugh

Roman Atwood: mio water shark attack

Frank Hill

I love how you tell us what movies might be spoiled instead of a simple "spoiler alert". A psychopath broke into our house


Money is the root of all evil, they say. I have no more social relations since 2013.

Evan Ash

Awesome shots guys! Cant believe you were in my home area and at my cowboys stadium! GO BOYS!

knees weak arms are heavy

Dhiresh Bhatt

Play pubg

Coconut Head



You guys are awesome, great job

Robert Breen

Did anyone see Tyler dancing in the background

In the halls, she would ride on her teachers shoulders and the other kids would follow and make her feel good.

Laci Patton

I have been to k1speed


XD @ 0:21 "That'll come in handy"