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Earl Christian Delgado

4:25 twinkle twinkle little stars 2019 who's watching?? leave a like


MoM’s LaSaGnA

Xcel Kramer

I want chicken nuggets ✋

Varun Nakhare

Guys please come to India @dudeperfect


Get hit in the head yeah

Aks 745

Like = 1 prayer for Coby’s 2 battle win

ღ爪モ爪口ム工尺ㄥ ღ

You cant change the past,even though you hated her and never talked to her for 7 years,just still take care of her.She is still your mother.Our mother loves us.Dont forget that.


My question is why did he chose the logo that he did in 1971


I’m 5’2” and this is my whole life

Francisco Robinzon Ramírez


Breakthrough breakthrough

habibi hasan

42 millions subcribber😱😱

Arthur Tapia

Dr octopus is infar from home1

Execute Phantom

This is the most screwed up oneTy killed grandmother Twice

Gaming Plaza

i was born eirly


haha number 3 xDDDD

Dan Brittain

So, they're going to sell the PC version with a few mods?


That may be so, but Sam B's is fun to use. :P

Kallaco 17

Am I the only one Who Is wondering why an 8 year old had a phone

NAMAN Game play



Isnt this the old blood

Reuben Olsen


Mauro I9

Football is this🏈 and soccer is this ⚽

Ian Izzry


David Davila

I’m eating air

Dominic Clerk

Nimrods on he phone😹

Alex trevino

Team necklace

Aliya Katz

Ya this isn’t realistic. Most EDs aren’t “omg I went on a website and became anorexic and lost a million pounds and felt like a zombie.” A lot of people with EDs look normal

alfonso chau aguilar

I see lot of people saying Toronto are going to finish the dynasty but Kd hasn’t play and Klay and Draymons were injured so shut up

FreXx Sstudioz

Did you notice that diet sounds like "die it" XD IDK

Seeruttun Simla

Do an impossible trick shot


I think the cats are better then the popsicles. Just my opinion. Not flavor wise because that is not okay.


Bring back the Halo Singing Challange!!!

that what i would do if he doin the wrong thing to mah best friend

Wolf Gamer

easter egg number 2 was the best

Fangirl #28

Me: aww a sweet red head?

Moonlight Wolf

0:40 ThAtS music to the EaRs


Trophy looks like a penis lol

Friends friends


a better title for this would be, I lived my nightmare, or my worst nightmare was nothing compared to what i lived trough

Cj CrystalCats

I love the baby’s face at 6:00

DarceyAnn Xx

okay we’re ten secs into the video and she’s just said exeemah instead of eczema like oml