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Vincent VJ

Wtf ist das

Lol, wow you're sucessful by being only who isn't sucessful..😂😂😁😁


Travis go to the Miami dolphins

M.B.A :p

Can i run this on windows xp?

Harter harter4r

My mom: I need ro find a rich

juh bad kookie


Lara S

When all of this just feels so familiar to you... :)

Barry H

do you reply to comments on old videos? .. and i came up with an idea, maybe you can make your own easter egg using subliminal messages in your videos or key words or even in the comments, or even the description of videos. i dont know, you are the creative one. But i'm afraid that my love ones will get hurt because of me when i die😥

Angry BeyondeR

2:10 wow that's INSANE

crystal hooey


Samara Park

God bless her, I hope that she will be reunited with her baby sister. I pray they have a happy life.


Edit:  That was not the only scantily clad / naked woman in the original, either.  There were several, if I remember correctly.  One of which was found naked, passing gas, and standing next to a toilet with brown water in it.  When the 'use' key was pressed while facing her, Lo Wang would say things like, "Ugh...  What you eat anyway, baby?"  In the same manner, the woman would respond by telling him to "piss off" or calling him a "jerk" and then shooting at him.

Video Credit Name

Connie Marie

Now, we need the VIDEO! 😁


There's more Easter eggs on Sanctuary that are creepy and no not the monk voices me and my friends did a lot of research and we 5 hours on the map turns out the place is fuckin haunted no one knows this but we looked up names on the statues and all types of stuff I can't remember everything cause it was nearly 3 years ago but it creeped us out really bad I knew from the start that map was hiding something it just looked errie and I guess I was right!

Sam Waldman

This is the first "character" I've ever liked and laughed at. Please bring him back

Dead Toast

count how much times they screamed

Sketchez With Star

pffft “I’m only 27”

El Bandito

Kills Nessies in one shot--Mozambique OP.

Taylor Davis



Did they o to diferent places and was tyler sir arguing with the expert metal detector person?

sierra ross



Panda ambush!!!

Through Arceus, most mighty, No