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Orion Adams

Panda ambush

How can it be ?

that looked SO fun


It appears in The Incredibles videogame


O shit

(WIIU) 81/100


My chain cost more than your house


great great easter eggs havent seen sum of them ahhh good ol days when kojima was still a playstation colosus i hope he will come back as money made him go multiplatform resulting in games like mgr r i hope kojima make cry again with mgs 5

Gilles & Maxime Deceuninck



face video

i really wish i didnt have any mental problems



Third fans guess: Nathan Drake?

im so glad i was not born their

Dovtor Creepypasta


Radu Stelea


DIY crafts & more

Paracord hacks video please

Frontier middle school is pretty sus brother Squad

This is stupid u can’t understand all of that at 3 2:43 how old were u 7 love in his eyes my ass

Jackson Repple

It would be funny to be one of the workers


They should do a prank with man city and them doing tiki take and dress up like de Bruyne and Bernardo Silva it would be funny to see pep yell at them

Herman Miller

What is it with Ty and ladders

"That's Matt's mask."


I’m sorry but why was the start the nazi zombies theme tune

Ashish Rishi

Toooooooo good

Me: NOT ANYMORE! Why girl? Your future was so bright. And you threw it away... well, at least you admitted it. 😔

Chris The Hobby Guy

Another excellent video guys...your friend ''CHRIS THE HOBBY GUY''

Awesome video!

Sourav Mahajan

Showed this to my dog now he takes me for walk 👣

Hector Good

The Easter eggs in the map "flood" I think that was literally an Easter egg right?😂💯😂

Mister Asylum

Space balls is a parody of both Star Wars and alien


@TheMirrorEyes What I was trying to say is, what's wrong with him carrying a gun?

Billy Mahmoud

1 - Fancy

Arreddie 8

Have fun getting that out of your stomach