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DaKu wolfie

All this shits just stupid man

joe bob

It looks like they never played lacrosse before

Fox Davenport


GDMs Channel

One direction


Put on subtitles and watch at 0:00Viewer discretion is advised! R18

The Wonder

Turtle 🐢 Neck ??

Akang Suhaemi

terima kasih atas menghibur kami yang bosen

Miles - away - x

What program do you use to draw??

Bumblebee Tuna

Easter Eggception! YOU VERY SMART

Kamryn's Strange Land


spoiled rotten brats. Also, if you have no escape from your life, think it three times, there is always a solution, even if you have to go on streets, it might be better then in hell. In time and with an iron will, you will put your life together. So don't find any excuses, stop crying, use your brain to survive, educate yourself and find good people willing to help.


Hey Guru, I gotta ask you something, Are you gonna play Red Dead Redemption 2 once it comes out? I'm really hyped for it because of the Trailer and Teasers that Rockstar showed. ;)

daily vlogs

come to india

Undead Boo


XxjosiexX Unknown

They look so different 2018


what scares you most - manic bloom

Jules van der Hoeven

Very cool


Analisa Scafidi

Lucky this girl has 4 days I got 7 a whole week 😤

Gabriel PeNa


with the power of yay

srsly me when i dont take my medication


In the last of us there is also a Jax and Daxter board game when you go inside the toy store not long after meeting Henry and Sam.

Matt Sanchez

why do you always ask for a number of likes you're definitely going to get?

The Boss Stage1

Snowmobiles are for sissies

Nate modica

I want to see rc boat shark fishing

leah gang

grade dropped to a b Bro come onnnnn thats good

Airbus Aviation

I’m a 10 year old that lifts 40 kg

Felix Andersson



Annoying-voice-girl: I am getting bullied for being homophobic and not agreeing with the fact, that everyone deserve human rights.. WHat hAve I dOnE??!!

Elizabeth Williams

Im the creepy guy gnawing on a pikle in the corner- I LOVE pickles

Danie Po

Your editing on these is amazing. Love the seamless transitions👏🏽


We have problem with mexico... "built a wall!"

Paris Irdo

The water skip


Januar 2019?

Gang Plank




And deny all youtubers their deserved revenue...

Ty the burger

Why is Garett In DP he does nothing

llenn a.k.a p90 loli

naruto approved this


So the Canadian Fans are just Human. They were excited for the Raptors and got lost in their zeal. Calmer heads prevailed. Nothing to look at here...

bad bunny musicas

Q mierda acabo de ber

Ерасыл Измухан


Samira Thomas

Diamond will always remember your memories together a will always know you took good care of her,diamond will always be looking down at his beautiful parents and will be waiting one day she will see you and her family again I'm so so so sorry for your lost I've had lots of pets pass away and I felt your pain love and support😘🙂❤️😘❤️💞