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As a Beginner, learn what it takes to become a Day Trader.Learn how to Day Trade using stocks and options from stock market coach and traderJason Brown of Trading for Beginners Webinar Replay you will learn:1. The truth about Day Trading - the good the bad the ugly2. The tools needed to successfully Day Trade3. How to Day Trade using optionsFor more stock market tips, trainings and tutorials visit HERE – -------------Check Out My Podcast/Blog: -------------Connect With Me and Let’s Get Social:FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM – SNAPCHAT - -------------Learn from Me OnlineFoundations of Stock Trading Course – Explained Options Trading Course – Power Trades University – Community/Courses/ Forum--------------Send Me Letters and Gifts:Jason BrownThe Brown Report LLC20836 Hall Rd. Suite 129Clinton Township, MI. 48038--------------

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I miss the old days


stephen curry


Nice video!!

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Edward The Good YouTuber

I know the Jason Jones easter egg

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@accesscrimea im kind of pinkish, hope this answers your question

Sorry for my english,it's not very good. Greetings from Argentina. :D

Traci Bounds

Feel so bad for you Coby 😅



Jo Colegrove

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Farvorite video on this channel.

monster is very funny.


Tyler :)

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Quick Fix - Thought Provoking Videos

Such terrible experience at such a young age... Sad, but now you are helping others with your story! 🙂


2019 march anyone?!?!?!?

Gabriel Tejada

That was hilarious. We all know he's part of your team. Once again, ACTING.


Hi Everyone, thank you all for commenting on this video. We understand that there are a lot of emotions when it comes to the topic of bullying, but please be mindful with your words and make sure that you don’t become the bully yourself - even when it’s against another bully. Violets are PURPLE

Arji Kusi

You never put my story on minutes videos, why?

Jennifer Hungerford


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Am Prum

in my place, kids hate school. sooo much kids in the poor counties want to learn for a education but they dont. I wish the kids at my place will get a slap and get told, "Be thankful for all."

Miguel Gongora Gutiérrez

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Nur Fifa ole

After ten years, the first time youtube recommended.Is there any logic??

Bombers with Nukes

There should be a part 2 like if you agree

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Haven´t you seen the mouse running in the street after she pulls the trigger??


Why can't you go faster? Or maybe it's normal and I just can comprehend things much, much faster.