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Chicken NecroKid

Lol Thats Morgz The Spoiled Bart Kid!!!!

Jonah Merritt

I have an idea for a new show on overtime it is called confessions without obsessions were you each tell one weird confession that no one would be obsessed with


loved the part when hulk wants more

and I still don't understand how steamed hams became a meme after all that time. Like out of ALL simpsons moments....


15:30 her throat was on fire she couldn't talk

Mochi Kin

I thought it said hit or miss- 😂😂

As a skinny person, i can say i am not. I am always picked on, i am not attractive, i force myself to eat a lot so i can gain weight and i am flat. I hate myself tbh.

Izzy Da wizzy

That Dad is a life saver LITERALLY

MT Challengers

Marvellous video

x con


Theonlyjellyiwillputinmybelly Ouma

Did he abuse the volleyball team too?

Ania Williams

What did she choose......did she die.......


This girl is complete trash


What!!!?!?money grow from the tree!!


What does 4 mean

M. V.


The whole video gave me chills.

Briana Clark

yo funey tai

Demon Elmo

Tyler already did

Ved Kulkarni

This is a true masterpiece

nawara Mohamed

Our jk we love u

Oblivion's grasp

Money isn't everything JJ...

ZoryArky o Criador de Ilusões

Nice video, ms FuckFace :v

David Sharp

I can't believe this I've been watching series so long and I have never caught any of those Easter eggs.


Ok, they give us nothing, it's great! More suspens and surprise for the movie! I guess Elsa would have to save the world (from what/who?)


By far my favorite video ☺️...Completely made my day 😌.. saving for a rainy i need a little cheering up 🥰

I was like yooo wtf😂


Okay, don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry... and I’m crying

Stick Maker

The first easter egg covered in this video...

Joshua Marshall



They they they what?

kaoru seta stan

I dont mean to judge or anything, but I think there is a buiding and on the edge of it is Faith from Mirriors Edge. I love your vids BTW


Last goal was awsome

shadow girl


Soubhagya Lalwani

Pool shot


Just what in the hell you have stuffed for Episode 100? The release date for HL3?

mystery monkey


Vincenzo Aiuto


Carl Hessler

do a Easter one of these !

youngminor h

9/11 ii the rise of isis pre-order now and get the all new jihadist flag patch and weapon kit

Evan Stroup

Hey Mr.Guru, Fuck me. Anyways I was curious if you would be willing to give a link to your personal SoundCloud, because you have a very good music taste.


that wouldn't be surprising

Bubz TV

7:30 undertail


I didn't expect the last one and when I saw it I was confused, scared and somehow enjoying it.

saranya krishnan

I am really awaiting

Dragon Legendz

What is super bowl?

Kliph P.

Fred: "you got me in the crotchita"

Krithika Kartik


Hope this helped!

Sydney Zubeck


Llama in a Dimond Boat

0:50 go detroit