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ɢåʟåxʏ _wølfʏt

I cried

Stuff with TT

who's in 2019


Ainthu Ainandaik

Anyone watching this vid in 2018

person below me is a trap

I was so scared of telling my mom about my depression.


will you ever show your face


Number 4 was a referance known to a killer called the iceman

Dary Max

So cool😂☺☺☺☺☺

Vanessa Alba

I don’t know why but I teared up HARD when you guys started singing Marbles happy birthday. Legit tears lol

Terezi Pyrope

what about THE MAP NUKETOWN in the black ops series??? that's a huge Easter egg! !!!

Reckless Turtle

0:13 Disney Channel!

NPC Marxist non-binary left-wing fascist

So she’s protesting against getting deported but she’s not actually going to apply for citizenship just like most illegals come on how Brian dead does she think we are she got herself into this mess and she’s had more than enough time to become a citizen so stop blaming the US for all ur problems and work to become an actual part of this country


At tge


and a ghost wtf wtf wtf wtf


Good luck swope

K Kyoootz

ok yea whatever story is cool. but anybody ever seen the floating bench top right corner?

Michael Jackson is Barack Obama

Personally think that people should be focusing on Obama's lies

Timothy Grace

Look at the flex during the dunk

Max the Ninja

At 3:51 you can see tyler


I’ve played through this story a million times before. But just like every other DBZ game I’m going to buy it regardless 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

Aim rock eater yt

I knew it was. Checkers


thats what she said

leandro torrez

la vida es una lenteja o la tomas o la dejas xD

Elizabeth H

Come to Maine!!!!

bii ning

It's so funny. How can she call him a jerk when she is one who is wrong... What a girl


his foot was on the line.....

3. Wooloo 9:46 another one

me: I'm not se- oh wait yes I am crud

Mortus Evil

Lol the last bit

Adam Carter


Dominican Iverson

First film with Julio Jones

Brenda Denise Ramirez

The up and over dunk shot

Felix Kemmerling

Cooles Video


Nice clickbait thumbail. You're only going to attract 2 types of people with that kind of gimmick; perverts who want to see half naked video games women, and offended puritans and internet warriors who just want to comment on how stupid clickbait is. I hope you don't get too many negative commenters.

Alex Galardini

How i became born

Beckah Meiring

Like about title clickbait, this has nothing to do with the title, i thought she was going to be in an abusive relationship, and changing point of views? I dont really think thats necessary.

Moniq Lee

Tyler, Garrett, Cody, Coby, Cory,You guys are so bad at endless ducker than most people

Emirhan Ünal


Paulina Mokrzynska

I did,nt see puma pro ducts since a year or something

DayBot !


Chris Bonilla

Hi everyone who is watching this in 2017

Hank H

who else wants to see panda's face out of just being able to know do you ever plant to show it panda

Aaron Maclean

Target arrow with another arrow in flight??

msp Ebru Atalay


Mercy B

Which stadium it is supeeeeerr