#2 Forex - Dlaczego Scalping na Renko i Jakie są Najskuteczniejsze Układy do gry na tych Świecach?

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iRh Hashem

I’m not trying to be offensive or anything but I HATE it when people say symptoms of depression in a happy / sadish story I mean everything worked out and it’s like video call him she said that she is facing money problems but they were solved so what’s the reason to have depression it’s kind of like saying oh feel sympathy words me plz and post my story that’s how I feel so plz don’t attack me and no hate just personal opinion ❤️🙃

Mai Chan

I'm praying for ya and every woman who's gone through the same thing. But one question: Why the heck does stillbirth exist? Why don't they just do surgery? No one should have to do what you did.

Fabiha Amin

I understand she's metal but that's just ....

Hampus Karlsson


Mihoo Javi

Twins rocked😎 everyone shocked😲

Ержан Икижанов


Luna Clark

Then shes not your step mom.

cosmo arts

We had a gym teacher like this

faisal khamis

Damn Daniel

கரும்பு சர்க்கரை

May 2019

Lucas Mendoza

How the fuck does guru get every game to sound like a beautiful asmr I swear to god I play the same games and they don’t sound as good


i discovered 10 new songs xoxo do this more!

Justin Hewett

stop watering down your videos by referencing yourselves its cringe af

Aubrey Williams

That's were my parents car got robbed

Jose Guerrero


Jan Erdel

No it was adolf dassler not you

Icecream Icarus

I like how on the dinosaur easter egg the enemy was just like "Whut in da fuck wus that?"

Azwaf Nasif

My older brother was born 3 months early

He has no nuts for winter

Valerie San Bouttavong


Richard Horrum

more bottel busters plz

Ricky M

this might be your dumbest idea ever!

George Aveline

+King Kth Yes


No mention of the rising levels of mercury in ocean fish making consumption more than once a week potentially toxic over the long term?

Dad being happy

Миша Федоров

Hello! I Russian boy)

Rohith Gopinadhan

0:32 gum or magnet

Ramon Mandujano

Look like angry birds

El Gringo

okay, but i have no clue why we were using CAPITALS!

Daniel Paterson

The Luxo Ball needs a name. The Luxorb.

Stacy McCabe

Do for wheel unfortunate eat a whole lemmon

healthnut craze


Davis Meeks

Who wants coby to WIN!!!!!

Mason Dueck

Wow this actor should win an Oscar. He portrays Jimmy Kimmel so well.

Olivier Martel

Hey guru shoot the arms off the robots in nuk3town and they will start running towards you but only if you are not looking at them, wich is pretty fckng creepy

Dominique Parker

Jstone did that though I can dig it . #RealMusicWillRise 💪🏾

Magda Andrade

Sees hot guy

Josef Rosenberger

I bet that I could make way more horrifying noises.

DJ Fleming

You guys should do it from Empire State building

I didn't know what to write

Garrett Horsch

The best part about these guys is that there is no politics in their videos. I get so sick of all these celebrities pushing their opinions as fact and these guys just have fun. Everybody should be more like this.


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