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That I won’t interact with family or friends on earth And I OOP-

ash_ yoongi


Jade Doherty


Kyle Siebrass

thats cool

Mehrab Saleh


Cho Yuen Feng

Don’t do itI told u not to do it right?


4:43 What if MISPLACED?!!!

Destiny Giron

When catherine started crying i was going to cry

malyut boploimn

no cod 2 was

Bryce Maxwell

Johnny sucks

Kyle Crawford

"Hyahs in excitement"

Hey It's Me

My mum quit for a year and now she's still doing it and I hate that



Rebecca Soes


cattastic kid

If they call you fat, they should call me fat too. I'm 9 and weigh 54 kilos.(120 pounds)


I feel like the conclusion is sort of disconnected from the rest of the video. You list tons of health and climate related risks and problems with meat eating, but still end the video with: "All in all, in moderation, meat is not unhealthy and you don't need to become vegetarian overnight to have a real impact on your health and the planet".

Suresh Kumar

both the twins got super cool at the same time

Nicole Wong

WOW! These stories are all like the dramas I watch!

I know I’m going to get hate but I think she has to realize that she isn’t the only one who has big problems like that and a lot of times it doesn’t get better and sometimes there aren’t people who are here to love you but yes I still do feel sad for the kid

Harambe Jr.

This in a nutshell

Grip It

You will melt on the sun.

Tucker G

I know this came out a year ago, and I've tried, but I can't pick up a single phone or even tell my friends. After I've already told someone I trust, they got mad at me for not caring about them. I don't know what to do anymore. All I can do is wait, and I'm tired of it. That when I get to college I can finally see someone, I don't want to wait till then.


You should make a video about top 10 batman Easter eggs in non batman hands ( give it a better name though)

eRaZoR Gavra

I live in serbia and yea serbians dont like male gay people but we dont care about lesbians


Wear a dress



Pandas Tyler’s wife

Where are the sources for all of these facts?

Talon Chapman

Smile dog poster next to employees only door


I don’t know about u but I love to be different from others.. like whenever everyone wears dress I wear something cool boyish, or when everyone wears something casual I wear something like cute pink dress.. I love to stand out from others🌸♥️


Dwight is still the ASMR master, don’t @ me


Happy birthday Marbles! We love you very much

lion&colover nice

4:02, that moment😀😂

Durpy Link

One of my friend has cancer

Than the Sun