3 Alternatives to Utilising Stop Loss Orders 👍

Alternatives to using stop loss orders.PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE!We all know about stop loss orders and the premise about them.We all know we should be using stop losses and how they help to limit the impact of damage of trades that is going against us.But are there any alternatives to trading with stops?One thing you have which could be a problem with a stop loss is that the probability of a market touching a level is twice that of a market closing at it.So you can end up stopped quite a lot only to see the market going in your direction.As such I always try to find alternatives setups and strategies where I can trade without stops.One way is to strictly control trade size. Another way is that if a trade is going against you, you can re-assess the level.Even another way is to hedge yourself by taking positions in correlated markets.Whatever you do, beware of the total monetary position of your risk value.Related VideosWhat are Trailing Stops and How to Trade with Them? ☝️Strategies: How To Use Trailing Stops 👍to Use Stops and Limit Orders to Exit or Get into Trades 👍Tips on Where To Place Your Stop Loss!Loss Market Orders vs Stop Loss Limit Orders ☂️✋To Set A Stop Loss Based on Price Part 1 🏳️To Set A Stop Loss Based on a Time Limit Part 2 🏳️To Set A Stop Loss Based On Price Volatility Part 3 🏳️Losses: How to Use Trailing Stops Part 4 🏳️Alternatives to Utilising Stop Loss Orders 👍a Hard Stop in your Trading? ☂️✋WAYS TO MANAGE RISK; TRADING RISK MANAGEMENTLoss Trading Strategies: Using Moving Averages As a Stop Loss ☂️to Use the Average True Range to Set Stops ☂️✋an Indicator as Stop Loss - RSI or Moving Average ☂️✋to Find the Optimum Profit Target per Trade 👊Trading: Intraday Stop Strategy using ATR ☂️✋Without a Stop Loss: Why Some Professionals Don't Use Stops ☂️

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