3 white Soldiers On GBPUSD - Alerting For Bullish Direction?

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ataur rahman

My friend is tyler

Nga Han


Wesley Freeze

0:24 hurts to hear this


Koroshi (sp?) hurts all employees.


And I haven’t had mine for 3 months now

Hailey Latour

there is something up with gears of war and chickens mostly all of the easter eggs deal with chickens lol

EPIC Doge875

That thumbnail, WHO POURS WATER LIKE THAT?!?!

Spruce Jamma

This is abuse

Cringe Beast

Guy: I love this girl, I think I'm ready to take the next step

Dead Bully Drug Smuggla

the one with the falcon and you have to push a button and fly threw that circle like thing that works with banshee too you can become a phantom 

•Mebmoji_ Studioz•

I get ready for school at 5pm...

Gavin Sosbe


I’m all of them

Lewis Falconer

I don't not get monster house joke


I came.


This game sure likes to hide things behind waterfalls:/

fake name

Sub to Mia curvin

3dwiz 3d

Just imagine how weird it would be if they bought the Gatorade bottles in a store


"2019 ?" SHUT UP !!!!

The spirit of El bandito

You should do soccer

Marcus Cauyan20

pet tiger

Ayelen Cardozo

Wou que está pasando me re gusto!!!

Maria Violetta

Are those the stones from Brave??

Battle Beast

You should do a best friends stereotype

Loving Humanity

Why are Simon’s teeth brighter than my future?

Trick shot Brothers


Mr penguin 64

Battlefield loves their dinosaur


Slam Jammington


you made it but how many times did you try the shot

Sarah adam

I bet it was really hot and really bright cuz lightning is 5 times hotter than the sun so it could also be brighter


Wowwwww 💪💪💪😱😱😱

Krono Angelo

ok the slenderman easter egg I don't know what console you used but it isn't there on the 360 version

Sohan Patel

Where’s the next one huhhhhh?

5,148,390 vies


Galaxy Star

1 like =One prayer for bijuu mike

Joonas kalliokoski

its the last of us 2 bois!!

Blake Kiffmeyer

Ari 4 life🐦

Yessenia Avila

6:52 My boyfriend ❤


Taco Ballz

Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

A Sanswich

I have a gay friend

Nathan Perkns

I saw dude perfect today


yo bro i love the content keep it up.


straight fire!! here before a million!!!!! ESKETIT

Kathryn Currid

What is mugibeis mean 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

Kiefer Narwandi

w a t e r h o r s e

Furry Krabs

I don’t think that they knew that drew would throw for more yards than any quarterback ever