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Kanye West

I love your editing style and channel. This video was great.

Danielle Bernard



Noah Patton

where is coby in the end


What an idiotic and shameful video. This is supposed to be based on Science? Yes, meat provides us with “great” things like heme iron (red meat), saturated fat, cholesterol, contaminants - and it lacks fibre to boot. The Inuit (eating traditional diet) had heart disease upon closer evaluation. Fish is contaminated with mercury. There are also intervention studies on meat that this video does not acknowledge. The World Health Organization also states that meat is carcinogenic (which this video also does not acknowledge) though it acknowledges the WHO’s analysis of processed meat. Populations who reduce meat significantly have the best health outcomes and the 7 day Adventist vegans also have great health outcomes.

Viktor Fellbrink

Amazing video! Always entertaining and interesting! Keep it up!


Australia all the way

This is just a joke..

il Teschio

with all those magnificent woods in the game i'm kinda suriprise about the abscense of a Predator's ester egg

Brick boss

All the bullets lol

tornado gaming

Video 3:43 making 7 week

Umbry Tube25

lol lol lol

Smokey McPot



i found another one u didnt put here. up on a cliff between drustvar and stormsong where theres a horde flight path. theres a penguin that has fallen in love with a wooden sign. its a reference to grape Kun. the penguin at the japanese zoo who fell in love with an anime girl cutout a lil over a year ago. which woulda been mid BFA development

anthony m

30 hours- Kanye West. The life of Pablo ablum

Sienna Terenciuk

I’ve never had it..... but my period haven’t come In about 6 weeks ...what should I do!