5. Generating Expert Advisors - EA Studio User Guide

In this video Miroslav shows you in detail how to generate Expert Advisors with EA Studio complete with exporting data from MetaTrader and importing it to EA Studio. You will learn what the Generator settings mean. You also learn how to test your Expert in MetaTrader Strategy Tester and how to put your Expert on for automated trading. You will also learn how to use the MetaTrader Magic Number feature to trade two or more Experts on the same market simultaneously.☑️ Try Expert Advisor Studio here: Advisor Studio is a commercial online application with which you can create and analyze Expert Advisors.When you automatically generate and analyse Expert Advisors this greatly reduces the development time. This frees ofmanual code writing and manual result analysis. It allows you to trade and profit like an enterprise level trader.☑️ Try Expert Advisor Studio here:

JJ Seaward

I know this is wayy late, but could you maybe do Crash Bandicoot?

Smoke Screen

I love the vid but what about the eastsr eggs on the multiplayer maps?

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4:07 pepper pig is HOT

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the cammera has it's own fuckingplans for this game doesn't it?

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they are not fake they are the best youtubers ever in the world😄

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They were so happy


no joke, this is x22

Me : how does that make any sense they’re just going to spend more time with you and trying to figure out why you’re acting like this????

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Do you plan to upload at this fast of a rate. If so, I love it.

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Why doesn't anyone shoot the big Nessy? I'm always waiting for that one shot

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The enemy on the 2nd last easter egg in "The Suffering: Ties that bind" is also probably the Koolaid Jug and it's a reference to the 70's Koolaid commercial where a kid yells for the Koolaid guy and he rushed through a wooden fence yelling "Oh yeaah!". I really didn't expect that when I saw this, so funny. :D Many might recognize that from Family Guy series too.