700 pips pip prediction.swing traders.Part 1.

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Is it bad that I knew it was Elon Musk at 0:06?

Alec Kim

Signature dunk !!!!!!!!!!!


amazing like always

Mistre Flippy

he even says "would you kindly activate" in atlas' voice.

Timothy Rice

panda with the handles

jace burnett31


Thomas Nishimoto

Not very impressive "trick" shots. 70% of the tricks are drills I do everyday. Like hitting and the serve trick.

Mai Khanh Pham

Great....I hav depression thanks to my “friends”... This was really helpful. Thanks a lot for the information!


I have general anxiety disorder.I feel exactly the same as has been described in a video.I feel worry on every thing even though i know i have a good job(physics lecture by proffession), enough wealth,Good wife, beautiful kid(daughter) etc.Why i feel worry ,even i don't know.Without any reason i feel worry.For example:-If someone neglect me if i call someone i continuously feel worry thinking why did he neglected me even though i know it is not a big deal .I continuously think this for more than a month .If somehow this worrying feeling fade away it is replaced by another new worrying feeling( which is highly insignificant feeling similar to that of previous one)

Judge Dread

Me: What happened to the title?

Bluebunny 67


Candice Brantley

You know always assuming is going to get you in trouble hun.

Paula Avila

Hmmm That Jim please protec her...

Also- are you mad you lost your hair? Bruh. Next video- I went to the bathroom and lost last nights dinner!


Definitely latching onto the theory that they'll be up against others with elemental powers, or at least elemental spirits of some sort! Rock giants? Water horses? Fire jumping everywhere? Hooooo boy

Δημητρης Σαμπαζιωτης

Great Work !

Brae Lee

As soon as i saw space x im just like this is about my boy Elon Musk

Jannopatrick Mista

Im so scared im such a coward


i loved so much the 1992 game when i was a kid :D we simple called it Wolf3D me and my buddy played it on DOS operation system without a mouse about 3 years ago i played it again and i found out it supports mouse aswell amazing game....just amazing

Trevor Kasahoff


Keegan Brown


do m

Ricardo's shots were meant to be fake, ffs ppl.. Losing faith in humanity

নাইচ Nadim

nice video 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

Braeden Wright

Poor anwar

Tupac Shakur-NL

You dont know about the hidden headphones Guru?

Chris Jensen

Courtney's shirt fits perfectly with the sketch