800K Profits in Forex - Full Webclass replay - Have fun!

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Beautiful ending!

Winter iOS

Who is watching in 2017?

Archer Cat

No fish were harmed in the making of this video

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What type of frying pan do you use?

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I thought Ty just yeeted the turtle

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U know if that match fell on the grass it would burst in flames

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0:46 i have that movie :D

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Always knew they'd make a fire collaboration 🔥🔥

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I liked up and down and high speed nutmeg dude perfect

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HOLY CRAP THEYRE BACK!!!!!! I missed ERB so much!!!!

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now he has 300,206 counting me as the 300,206th subsrciber

Trump: builds wall

Dagner !

Great video as always, I wasn't expecting anything at the end but you really got me.

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was there bloompers?

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at first for the first easter egg i thought like 30 skelies were gonna pop out and get me .... *sigh* that was the worst anti-climactic moment evar

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Plane stereotypes

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straight up BARS

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I have suffered depression for almost 1 year and my parents knew and understand me...

Me: Sorry, but this body is reserved for those who deserve it, Sorry for the inconvenience! (If there even is any)


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krishaant singh


Funny moral: Have an ugly face and u will get a cute Boyfriend or girlfriend

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CHAD (the editor) IS PANDA

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wheres Gareth


the music justs makes it more EPIC


I really love your editing style. It's very well done... also, I agree. fuck Olly.

best freind and youtubers


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i like how the spin to the buddy shot starts with ty showing off



I'm 13 years old and I suffer with panic attacks, I know how horrific it is. I am so happy you were able to receive support in the end, I still have a long way to go however this motivates me a lot no matter how tough it has been for me. I'm thankful you were able to find Friends because for me, they have got me through the roughest points. There is a lot of evil in this world but there is some damn fucking good people out there like therapists who understand, I've been receiving help from school with my diagnosis and they are doing amazing.

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