Forex Mİ Daha Fazla Para Kazandırır Yoksa Borsa Mı ?

Borsa mı daha fazla para kazandırır yoksa forex mi ? Hangisi daha güvenilir bir yatırım aracı.

Abdullah Jimmy

I love Ur music choices

Danielle Brink

Do a Steph Curry edition

Kerr LaLoge

You people are trash

Tobias Jakobsen

Dear guru. I've been seeing your videos for a hvile and even though you rarely talk about yourself i feel like you're a friend, sometimes i wish i could learn more about this mysterios guru kid. And remeber you are amazing. Greetings a big fan

cha thor

The messager will always be the enemy.

The all nighter gym guy


i thought that restaurant was olive garden


:D The first one almost killd me while drinking water :D

can you wait?

2:13 A JoJo Reference?



Brandy E


El General

I'm not first

cause she’s fuckin with my farmers tan”

Mr Gamedo

Steve job

Andy Nguyen

Oh fuck that sniper Easter egg

Maria Schiano

Could you at least blow up my room

Rei Allester

so who's gonna guard arendelle now?

Merlin Fox

anyone see the American history Y by H Potter? lol

Happy lemon

Wait ww2 how do you sosounf 20?


Ryan Tannehill: Before he Went Downhill

Beegauer Davis

I don't talk to sales associate because it's at Walmart and like anything you ask for, they have to get like a gazillion other workers just to help you.

SGT fixshot

I like rainbow six siege better

Teresa Alexander

the last one was my favorite shot

Cokie Jones

is banana swirl even a thing??

Kev Kev

I think it wasnt JUST for that. I think it was also to do some more work and maybe listen to some feedback of the players so they could still make one or two things better and fix some bugs. If it was for the story only, they wouldnt have made the wait be 14 days, imo.

America: Let's build a wall

maggie darbyshire

what kind of childhood was that?

tayfun tabs



''Inspired the film'' 1:05 hidden Easter egg? Kappa. But seriously man I love your videos, keep it up.

Royce Muzic

He didn't like a black guy getting too close to his wife. We all know how much white women love black men👀


0:46 there is vomit on his sweater already,

Andrew Djuma

Am So sorry

Brianna Ramirez

This is how many times they had to redo the intro

Jude Brooks

Dude your rich


Newt Salamander

What was the song called


this makes me really worried now 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢