Growing a Small Account with Short-term Swing Trades - Rick Saddler

Presented at the May 2018 Online Traders Summit by Rick SaddlerRick Saddler, founder of Hit and Run Candlesticks is a trading coach and runs a live trading room every day. He will cover the patterns that have made him a very successful short-term swing trader. Rick put in the time and effort over his 29 years in the market to fine tune these patterns. He knows and understands the nuances of each pattern and will be sharing that information with you in this session.These patterns are:The (RBB) Rounded Bottom Breakout that was created to find charts with a high profit potential in the (RBB) Rounded Bottom trade area. When this trade is planned out and traded properly the rewards can be life changing.The Pinball Setup that is a relief rally trade in a downtrend designed for 10% plus profits.The T-Line Bounce (PBO – Pullback Opportunity) that was created to find charts that have rallied, then pulled back on profit-taking to near the T-Line (8-EMA).The T-Line Squeeze that was created to find price action involving the T-Line (8-EMA) and the 20-SMA that leads to a high probability of a T-Line Run.----Register for the next Online Traders Summit here:an extended trial of MetaStock at:

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