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GamerLeighton Hurst


Luke Gillies


Me: but the dad was a boy, and so are her brothers 🤔

Big Ducky MoMo

I can't believe there is only four now

that’s an egg

At the end she speaks like she's escaped a cult, I...

Pascal Gaggelli

I's amazing how this storyboard became so much related to today events with europe!

Peppa Ro

Mr auto draft


i spent so mich time looking for the FU door in fallout 3, i past it right up

Living and Loving Lopez

Fun fact: Softballs are harder than baseballs! Weird isn’t it? Like if Baseball/Softball is your favorite sport or if you just liked the comment!

Mahnaz Ashoori

Everything is bigger here in Texas. Including our rivalries.



liam sean

Song name?

Monty Friesen

Please like

ase decraft

2:52 who breaks bottle with credit card


it looks like a damn man to me , a white boy with a womans hair cut , thats not faith. though he tried .

Rowdy Meys

2:29 is like fortnite, doing dances at the same time

Ulises Lopez

I hate Cody now cuz he betrayed the Rams

It don’t matter if you gots different moms or Dads you’s family if you’s family yasssss

Myles McKenzie



11:37 pizza time boiiii

Quang phú Huỳnh


ruthless_. badd

Ha New series only 1 ever made

Sebastian Ramos

But which is cheaper


woot woot

3. Fall in it

Mathew 162

U should make giant mochi

Binging with Babish

For the record, no, it's not better than busting a nut.

Jeremy Chamberlain

go jays go


I've always wanted to have a water birth when i get pregnant since you have a little more control in the position you push. Seems like it'll be easier sitting up then laying down.


They need is gaming area lots stuff computer ps4 htc vive vr etc..


Who knew this would make them millionaires.


el Diablo

ancora più folle 😍😍

Vincent Loya

Pizza anyone?

Ian Henriquez

Will you ever be accompanied by other people?

Carlos Castaneda

You ruined the Doughnut surprise D:

Caboose Resurrected

3:23 I feel bad for the kid's broken birthday present. Kid's childhood life ruined.