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gacha kitten

God don't hate gay people it is oh ok am a girl but its oh ok but why do people gay people i hate people like that


Natalya Larez

2 best friends? A boy and a girl? I thought he was gonna ask her out.. Anyone else?

Cosmic Orion

Cory in the house is the only real anime

Teacher: HOW DISRESPECTFUL YOU ARE THE WORST STUDENT EVER gives an F DETENTION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Prob fell in after you were done with the toilet otherwise it'd have gone with the flush. Do not peed on

tearly GTSS/GTSG

Is this a vape or something

Anthony Jonas

Tony type of dude to win a fight and and make me say damm what a warrior attitude.


I want to know how to bow like that

Hunter Culver



09:25 the lobby song from BO2 zombies :D



Anzer Alam

MinuteVideos are really the best because they let me think about issues and things so naturally that no one else or nothing else can make me feel. Thank you so much, guys for making such amazing and inspirational videos because you feel it or not, it does changes people's lives and forces them to think about issues that they might have never even thought. I really love your channel and this video along with some other has touched me big times. You guys are really inspiring and the people who send in their stories are real champions. I always wait to see your work because this is very different and versatile than many others. Thank you so much for also helping me, to be honest because those stories of people who achieved big but their story was never told, inspired me to up my level and do better in life.

Thiago Araujo

3:57 and died

Sean T

Why would anyone dislike this video


I’m Mr No Touchie totally


7:59 And that every one is how chickens are born

Ayesha Nicole A Simeon

I subscribe to your channel and shared it to my friend

Elgatowis _

😂 Oklahoma fan and that’s so true

Piotr Sulej

This video was quite abit longer than necessary, still sat through all of it though.