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blazoraptor 101

I don't get number 5

Mika Ritsu

I get it they want their own child but still adoption many children are unwanted but some are abandoned they need families

It's not a harmless way to lose weight

Jazzed Watermelone

Was the Paul joke from family giy


Yes! I love Black Mirror!

I forced a fart and shit came out in class


This is depressing.


I did not find this season that good. Hang the DJ and Black Mirror Museum where the only really good episodes.


Hazim Hyper

Where is the other shark?

Lei Ackerman

I would send him a photo of Umbrudge or Moaning Myrtle. Or I'll even say that I would break up with him because Levi Ackerman or Harry Potter asked me out

abdulrahman almurbati

Please make a video in trampoline and make some tricks

And because of it.. Pls don't send me trash for saying that, I do support trans people, I even got a trans OC.

No One

That has to be fake i mean come on

cathode BTS ARMY

I have actually never watched Anime...but still this video was so interesting

Ievgen Kolomiiets

Smart couples just start being swingers

Killer Boy

When the boomerang doesn't come back.Boomerang: Fear for your life.



T3 Vids


amulya Reddy

Where is Cody

Amin Kong

And here i am having the opposite disorder....i thought about nothing..not even about myself..just follow the flow as the world lead...


You sit on a throne of lies scumbag

Grayson Cogdill

My sister works there


06:18 anyone else notice that he clapped in the same music pace. Happy for him.

Can we Get 100 subs without any videos

This is how many times she says sister

Leon Rivia

Badass Creeper Lol !

I now describe you as GAY

Andy Misko

Awesome and halarios

Mike Santiago

this video is amazing bro

Frost Swell

" Made it out the hood I still pop out on some gang Shi" 💯🔥

Philophobia Dysphobia

The hair isn’t the best part of a girl , it’s the personality.

Pinkiepool GamerBrony27

I'd don't know what it is But the music in background gets me hyped for the movie

Guacamole Is the best

John Wallace

I sub

Edmond Ambe

its funny how grayson says that ethan spends more money while hes wearing a chain and a ring


I absolutely love this, it’s so corny it’s perfect

_Nessa _Chillin_

Shit, I know how this feels. I've been seeing my dad under the influence ever since I was 5 and now I'm 15 so over 10 years I've been seeing him in this way...

Oh baby, puppy love we be all night

Active Lifestyle

I agree with Sarah jonton

Che mervana

all trap music sounds the same

Chris Ray


DJ Dunford

I cant even through a frisbee

Esther Park

imagine this is social commentary on global warming and climate change



Mariam Konate

Who kill your mom and dad

Unhappy Fellow

Mood while watching this"ANNA OOP-"lmao, anna.