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archer patric

the building will be out of use for 2 to 3 weeks to fix on it

Lee curran



spartan sammy 2

Next stereotype should be the fan that says they are a die hard fan then picks another team. Then claims they are bigger fans then the die hard fans are

Emilee Kaiser

me: Tyler you win a lotTyler: I knowme: how do you feel?Tyler: like a winner duh. me: no, I mean...Tyler: aren't you supposed to be smart to get a job?you look at him and think no wonder he doesn't have one

3. Story doesn't seem as solid to be honest.


Towards the end of the movie, in the truck transporting the fish, two tags appear beside each other. One with the number 1985, the other with 2015. I spotted it in the theatre and assumed it was a Back to the Future reference.

Over the next century, the folks in Staten Island need to consider converting over to a water city like Venice.

Naga Skylin

guy : "fortnite"

kuollut kanava

so u own amazon


why does jake look like kevboyperry

Me: No not at all, everyone has there own viewpoints and we shouldn’t feel hostile towards them, we should each give our side and share them respectfully. (Sips green tea)

sarath maize

This is game or movie ?


What about the trophy that said "given for the world not ending 2012"

Pizza Panda

Me: I wonder who will be spinning wheel unfortunate

Jadon Berg


Bekki Feil

I guessed mass before bad

hanna abigail

Alguien mas es de mexico ❤❤❤


Infinity ward you scruded up again.

Robert Vargas

No Guru don't quit your one of my favorite youtubers to watch you have great and unique content 💔



Donna See Kee

This is not fair for Cory and Coby

Rahal Fan boy

Most of these don’t make me mad, they want me to shoot my brains out

Hey wanna play soccer?

JagsFan '95

I've never finished this game. I keep jerking off.

Minh Khoi Nguyen



I was hesitant whether i wanted to watch this or not, but after a long time, i decided to take the plunge...

A Normal Username

Crush- Someone you have feelings for

Ellie Hollyfield


Advanced Account

there is an easter egg u didnt mention is writing google gravity at the search bar and everything will fall

Kid: Hold my beer

Szymon Langer


Justin Saephan

In this one she stops Freeza from destroying her planet by unleashing her full potential without holding back in a sing along.

Giuseppe passeri

Nice one

gaming rights

Who else thought it was a default raging on the thumbnail?

Adi’s Great World

How come cody got a second chance in the golf smacker but no one else 🤔


The yeti is cool

Cheaters have no life

Max Vitucci

Justin Bieber

Won Kim

This is when they blew up

SnekyBig Boi

F this click bait

Nishapong Payom

I am Thailand