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Mervat Yacoub


Jose Moreno

It’s cringe as hell and I understand. But dam I related to this a lot more then I should of..

Jared Morrow




Ayu Nurullati

#15 Trending in indonesia

Polar Carol V


crazy dodo lady 12345

This guy is so so mean what a d-bag

Giancarlo Holovati

É pedir demais um remake desse jogo também Square Enix?

Pance Boskoski

2019 guys

Gaming WithJordan

I liked the 60 yards baseball shot

shacoriaz gamez


kaizawa mufuyu

Now I understand... I better see a psychiatrist or psychologist. God, only if my parents believe in mental illness. This is made me mad.

Braden Halayka

Be yourself, and don't let others choose who you are.


you guys need a science channel

jet1264 fire

girl don't follow you boyfriend


Great vid as always! Appreciate time and much effort put in :)

John Dlt

i dont understand the final its all a game or what???

Tomas Simon

May 2019???????


where's the fieldgoal?

Ah , ok

Kenthegoat 612

Who else cried

What would you sum it up to?

Cause she lives with you forcing her to stay home YOU FUCKING EVIL HUSBAND #YIAYjob


My mom passed away 3 years ago because of that diabetic and last March my aunt check my blood sugar then booghs Im also 100% diabetic cuz my blood sugar level was to high for a 14 year old like me i felt so sad for that🙃

Yeah, that happened..m

May Misaki

I was about to cry but the music ruined it.


Did anyone see jasons eyes move after he died?

Nataly Diaz

A fellow salvadorian


How did white win the first round


DUDE PERFECT embarrassed by a woman a bunch of sisiies!

Reese Ramirez

She is beautiful no mater what and whom ever makes fun of her just stop

Abz A

Hey how about. A giant boomerang contest

Jorge S


SuperGDR Gaming TV

I lost my big brother before I ever got to meet him :(

ronnie calverett e

I will be seeing it soon

Olivia Capilongo1

I'm eating chef boyardee raviolis LOL LOL

Wkcheiosms Fuck

Ur just a fool if u with some1 really bad

Ethan's Universe

When Ty loses, goes rage monster


Coby you can do it also what games are theae

Jamaal Smith

I’m so pretty

Aymen zguira

Always fake shots -_-' stop doing this pleaaaase !!

Good luck from Turkey👊

Dylan Reece

45k like!


He’s not shooting particularly well but he still averaging 33 points, 6 assist, and 5 rebounds, and 2 steals so that’s not disappointing when you’re the primary focus of the defense every night


When they close up on Noel on the phone you can still see Cody walking😂

Vova Gozhyi

your lvl 69 and how come u have 94 skillpoints???



James kissane

Amazing video keep cooking don’t stop

Khaigoulen Haokip

Wow 35M views

Chozing Bhutia

huge fan of dude perfect

Fluxion v7

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Scribble Doodles

My grandma passed yesterday it’s ok :( my dad is so sad

αrdyππ Θrκ

They Forgot Garret

Hockey Bro

I watch your videos every day