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He sounds young like 16


U forgot the incredibles

Dick Zabreesky

how can you make an easter egg of a game which is basically an easter egg hunt

xXbethany dollXx

Me: doing homework. Pea rents: she's doing that game on her phone again (they walk in) where's the phone Me: no where :and ur not my phone where is it I need it for Tik tok

Angelique Turk

The opposite happened to me, I'm lesbian soooooo oof

And they ran out of cash for level development they decided to recycle levels from Serious Sam?

Dropkick Kangaroo

stupid ad

Justice Games

He forgot jasons chainsaw and torture room


0:57 did....did this sunnova bitch just disrespect Freddie?

Ayano Aishi

I wish I had adoptive gay rich dads

Ameerah Lamchops

Bts blood sweat tears me bts you talking about giving birth or something

Reece Grosserode

This is weak kids

Mississippi38Gaming Mississippi38Gaming

Love how a snowboard with binding is the same wait at 1 ski with binding

Victor Perez

3:23 did anyone see the dog jumping behide the back

Sachin Sharma

get you a qb that can do more than both

It's like needles stabbing my stomach. This is a wacky all over the place comment but please don't hate anyone, no matter what side your on ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Sara Rose

This was my first dp vid I saw back in 2015

Ghazala Naveed


Ms. Jiminie

Once for school when I was 5 (yes I want to school when I was 5, ok?) I was only in first grade but we learn twice as much in first grade as 8th graders in America

3_3 ello mate


Otro Ortro

I had both 2 months ago and its horrible i went to emergency like 20 times . I though i was suffering a heart attack i didnt slleep well like for about 1 months shaking short of breath palpitation weakness no balance on my body all that for one month is very very horrible now thanks god im good

BlueStriker 27

Stereotypes 😩

Fifi Playz


Task141ghostalt -FE2 Roblox Gaming & more!

Me: gets stabbed in the eye

Piotr Sulej

This video was quite abit longer than necessary, still sat through all of it though.

Ue Apostol

Wher is garrete

King Will

2:29 they thought of the pennywise dance before pennywise did it 😂😂 guess they got IT first lol

Ralyn Dye

coby finally did it



Sam Haas

wolf and panda

Sai Ta Ma

How bout Logan Paul

sky videos

Like if panda is a best tricker

FBI: wait thats illegal for a dude perfect vid

IndonesianAviationFan 561

It's Football vs American Football

Dan Cho

I want dude perfect vs the Avengers (look at my picture)

Ava Reese

Some people don’t know what people will keep as a grudge ...words hurt my crush called me a ...... nvm I hope she feels better

Peach Blossom

i have anxiety and panic attacs very often .no one trust me please help. my mom dont want me to see a docter cuz its too pricy do a video about it so i can control my self and now much more about it pllllease like this comments so she would do it please i need help!!!


Bacon number came from hamish and andy... two australian comedians

Evilgirl 54

4:39 Jared, a sweet red head boy with beautiful blue eyes

Canal Sem noção

Conta has wan


E3 was the best gurukid

Pablo The savage

The last tick waz not a swish it was a backboard

SovietDauber ツ

I am a type 1 diabete

Henry Tam

hey. your missing a 1 more video game reference is in call of duty black ops 1 nuketown

Rehna Shihab

My highest score is 60 wooo! 😎

Jeremy Argo


Yeet Yeeterson

Your new music make me remember my dead father it's just really sad music

Gaming With Astra

Whos ready to watch this movie!? Meeeeh!!!!

Good job, keep it up! :)

Alianna Guajardo

....bruh u grew up

Danny’s vlogs and animation


🍩 🍪

peace demon

8th comment XD


guru on which system did you played silent hills 2 on?