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Anon Ymous

32 fucking minutes???


This in Vegas right

Immaboi, rightmommy

Everyone fucking knows what happens in infinity war man.

SoulShard !!!

Can you make football trick shot

Idah Aja

Wow perfect


When was Napoleon Bonarpette born? On his birthday!!!

ARK 727

I don’t fear death 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

Brother Like sister

Play with the Warriors at there stadium with Durant curry and klay

j d


Casen Lynn

nice job on this video I'm talking

Entonces ya te perdí


FACE REVEAL AT 50093 million subscribers


B U T H E ' S O N A H O R S E

JuanYuliuz 風火事電気

How don't you feel pain when someone breaks a bottle in your head?

Plush Doge

Ya twenty seven million subscribers, 10 mil more

Layla’s Home

So that is why I hate myself myself cause of my parents

Olivia Sherman

kinda want that phone case 🤪

KJ Journey

Cory you did the salute wrong

Mona Alshammri

احسان قناة


you know cheers is an actual bar in boston. fallout 4 takes place in Boston.

Me: you were ALSO doing it might I add lol

batmaster 5

is the dragon flying on 1 supposed to be shenron from dragon ball z

San means Satan

Atiny's, Vote for ateez in Idol champ. We are lacking. We need more votes to get Ateez their first win. So, don't hesitate, install Idol champ & vote for ateez....

Haley Brown

He likes me in pain?something like that 😂

fleurie flower

My eyelids always stain with any red or pink, I just have very sensitive eyes and that's fine. I dont get why people r getting mad about it when you know it can happen smh


That’s annoying and I hope that your parents will be able to say with you


The ans is COBY see 2:34

Iskandar Giusti

Dude perfects tricks shot are better than my trickME: I can only these trick shots:cap flip,double cap flip,rail flip and lower floor flip


Jeff getting Todd’s sloppy seconds

Saleh_kaz SA


Nardi Lopez

Bromo ball of baseball

A society where nice people get to the top, and bad people are suppressed regardless of talent. So if you are a bully, a child abuser, a rapist, a wife beater, a snob, an inverted snob, a thief you are kept at the bottom.

Flks Pulse

Did anyone realize that Coby got hit 3 times

Saubhagya Sharma

Is this game available on google play. I am not an ios user but i really want to play this game


You should of added, "The No Water Guy"

Viviana Bieber



Hi Natalie.

Suga! Kookie!

He might of dyed his hair so that’s why it’s light brown

Jaidyn Scott

Hey ty what's the best thing about fucking 28 year olds ??because there's 20 of them

IiMexicaNii Gut

10 mins ago yess so early for once

Kiwi 7399

I'm so glad that stuff worked out in the end

VincentPlayz ROBLOX and More


Jack Playz 64

I saw the vid when they did it with the plastic ones but they couldn't even hit the ball so I think they edit it a bit


Freedom of speech does not mean acceptance of speech.