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Brilliant Brian

0:58 QUEEN


cancerous dub fan incoming

Jonathan Moor

Look, dub is Just not as good. It's not personal. I don't hate you or anyone watching dub but It's just not as good because of the script changed as well.

Chris Hanson

Did you say she had a “musty smell”

HM gamer

2018 anyone


There is a new section in sky zone in Mishawaka Indiana and that would be a cool place to place a battle. Like if you live in Indiana!

Magwanife Blue

Everyone has a uvula. Not me. OMG I DIED AT THAT!!!!!

Lule Vuk

Go pack go

Brother Mayhem

Memes fucking cringe it's not even that funny anymore

A Christopher Hawkins

Woooo 💯😢

Theo Sprague

What's the mortgage on that building like. Jesus christ.....

BabinA BartiN

we all know todoroki could one up this hoe

Liberty Or Death

I only have a 1080p monitor. I'm not really interested.

Михаил Есин

I like you very much!

So So

Lmfao it’s me ! I’m the friend with longer legs 😂😂😂



My best trick shot in bowling was I had a split and one pin was hit and it flew over to the other one and knocked it down kind of like 2:42 but the pins were in the two back corners

sprint de entretenimiento



Who watch it in 2018?

Nick Vecchioni

Poor Panda D:

Midoriya Takashi

EpicGames : money! money! money! *steals all the players from COC

Heart Hero’s

What happened to the kids

Make Money

Who's watching march madness in 2019

Muffin The Beagle

So excite

MarTin ShorLux

I love these movie videos as well as the video game videos ^-^

Francis Gerson

1:56 when Psycho God wants you to pre-order it

Dark Pineapple

Watch out watch out watch out RKO out of nowhere to the Christmas tree

Eris Vile

Noel rapping is SO FUCKING HOT what the hell

Lemon Lover

am i the only one who punched and head butted the screen in the outro

Kinder XD

Who is the panda??????

Black widow looks kinda weird

Red Face Comics

You missed the Ubisoft office

MA Channel

Thanks... Good content

My forehead is too small

J. Kelly

i like the musisc

Garion Bogard

giant football trick shots should be on the list

Putra Eriza

Apa saya doang yg orang indonesia


Who is inside Panda????

Aaron Vanderheyden

Ik don't know but i am 13 and i can swim a mile

Thomas Clan

Qboo patriots .go FALCONS 🦅

Michael B.

On the Saints Row 2 easter egg, the girl that hes playing as looks just like the girl from Mirrors Edge XD

Asmirah Asmirah


Blue Moon Wolf Gacha

I cried and this kinda relates to me but instead of my dad being diagnosed with cancer it was my uncle from my dads side because he smoked he has jaw cancer but my dad tries to hide it that he smokes and drinks basically his whole side of his family smokes

Melisande Vasquez

Wow. Lumala

Rebecca Maze

I feel so bad god bless you. ❤️

Ghoul_ Gamer

You now that you said doing perfect


Hope the knowledge that their victim is wealthy and they are still in poverty makes the bullies jump off the nearest cliff.