Berto Delvanicci documentary from turning his life from ZERO too HERO, helped thousands and thousands of people around the world decided too take the FOREX MARKET too the next LEVEL, after realizing the potential of what MULTIPLYING your money meant just by trading the FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKET, raw footage of Berto Delvanicci from his broken stages to his success.

Gio M

you're lovely... thank you. I can't believe you are so kind as to share parts of your life such as this. you have really made my day. yes, thank you.

GreenSlayer38 Gaming

Do amusement park stereotypes

Bronwyn Tully

Well done coby!!

sasu pasanen

That shield recharge sound 😍

Jan Ryan

Lmao racist.

jason bennett

whats that suit batman is wearing at 2:47

Baddie Iris

Soo.... I wouldn’t slap a grandma but for what that grandma did I would slap her tbh...

Stepan Vaculik

The legend says that he's still running

Matt Moves

6:08 Ah...the nazi tingles...


Meanwhile in CoD, a 5 year old is shooting a basket ball to make it go into a hoop.

extreme rock

Dude perfect never gives a like to any comment

Yanfeng Ross

imagine being their neighbors

Bhavya Maloo

Cotton family is winner

That was so fun!!!!!!!!!!

Dead Reviews Movies

same music!

Luca Hein

You should race scissor lifts

Osman Seid

film with tom brady

6.Don’t be the type of person to be in a horror movie to go in the basement and act like your coming out alive

Lara Murdock

Why does only Ty and Cody shoot

William Loder

You should do an all sports golf battle 4

alex ethridge

You say that like it was made BY bethesda when it was only published by them. They tend to do that from time to time. Don't feel like researching it but I believe it was developed by human head. Complain to them if their not to busy rolling in the money this game made them.


I don't care how many times we replay the story of the anime. It just better be looking good and feel nostalgic. And TBH a game like this. Outfits need to be torn mid battle. Destructive enviorments like Ultimate tenkaichi or worlds close to being destroyed like BT2 and BT3. Beam struggles need to come back because xenoverse series lacked that. Beams needs to be impactful and the more ki you have the more power and bigger the blast should be and the more destructive impact it leaves behind. It need to be more combat/skilled based not like xenoverse when u can just press x/square to win or spam a move the entire game or have a OP super soul that's lame. Beams need to be smacked or punched away like they do like raging blast 2 phenomenally. Traveling to different planets would be cool. I don't want another RNG DBZ game with fighting in it. I want a more focused, combat/skill based fighting game that looks good graohically. And makes the game feel like I'm really one of the characters not just playing as one of them.


Wait...people don't understand these?



Lobo Fantasma Gamer


Ivan Alba. Love



which map is that

Cassie McKeefrey


Landon ismyname

What do you call a cow with no legs ground beef


What the fuck is a 10 million point shot?Does any court have a scoreboard that will accommodate them they mean 10 million to one shot?Make your own videos??? one will be a basketball fired out of a tank from England into a basketball ring held on the back of the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland...whilst on a plane triggered by 10 million Bourbons arranged like dominoes on the wings of the plane.Did these guys win the lottery and wanted to do something to make them famous?


a half an hour video? FROM GURU??? ABOUT EASTER EGGS????? Oh, wait he does those all the time

Just a game