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Zero Westbrook

Ahhh man the fun with this game XD played this so much before COD

Cute_ aesthetic

I ship them


They didn't include the Dark Souls easter egg. :(

Vanessa Rivera

mario song

shekh usmangani


Holly Hadfield

Some angry jaded man who’s gf left him made some poor animator write and make this lmfao


Y'all should really stop feeling bad for a manipulative asshole who put his girlfriend on the spot when she was planning on breaking up with him for what.. weeks before the game even came out? There's a two way straight with this, either she says yes and has to baby his ass for years to come or say now and have tons of people harass her online. Well, guess what happened? There's actually an article where it interviews HER instead of only interviewing him which goes into the entire situation because no one else thought to talk to her about it. He's scum, and it's good she broke up with him. His brother seems like a much better guy. 4. Cuddle with my cats. Also Me:Title Needs To Be On r/mildlyinfuriating

Joel Pallares

Is it pronounced Vitamins or vitamins?


I want to like it over 9000 times


Thank you, Guru! Very cool!

T G 7

This is super and put part twoIf u want part two, put a like to this comment

norah higgins


S quat

youtube is taking a lot of drugs lately


I thought she was in Syria before she said she had OCD. Oh my gosh!


2:07 hmmmmmmm

Jasper Smith

Over the tree Swisher?


Always look forward to your videos! It's funny how such simple things as "easter eggs" in video games can keep a person entertained, and you're the one who brings/shows them to us. Keep them coming bro!

Nandu Rohit

This is how legends are made....

Mat et lulu Les fou


Dobby Maltese

If warriors dont get a threepeat, Steve Kerr better get a threesome

Bailey Henry

pewdiepie alright alright alright

Nidhi Sinha

i liked the bowler roller

Reema Dwivedy

U all need nothing becoz u all hv every thing

uwu cookie. exe

You miss spelled his name in the description.

Mastarlo 12

I love the silence in your videos, the ambient, all, is just perfect.

Edward Macedo

Give us a new splinter cell. I don't get it. Clearly the reception to these franchises is lukewarm at best. People are tired of them. You guys keep pumping out the same games. Why? Ubisoft's 'sales analysts' probably think "stealth? That's too restrictive.


I love it

Archie Crisostomo


Danielle Garcia


Elizabeth Jones

Panda falling from tree


Ok if my teacher did that I would straight up beat the shit out of her

please sub :(

Joe Burgos

I know that and its all ready Ben used. So ya your lying.

Itz Shadowgirl

7:25 you mean Florida Christmas? At least Texas still gets snow

Joshua Goldberg

When I went upstairs, I met a man that wasn't there

Maja Kolpe

They could also adopt a child?


the one with the pig is hilarious

Trend in Saudi Arabia #23

Glenn Chisholm