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Elijah Outdoors

Do an even bigger rocket battle.

Sarah 12345

My bff uses a pump instead of injections maybe u can try it

Slaps that bitch to Saturn

Людмила Гамолина

Gameplay is cool, but his lightsaber looks like as stick, not as jedi`s weapon. Hope, they can repair it.

Will Dunn

I've been going to that camp for 6 years now, Sky Ranch Van Texas

Landry Lyford

I’m sad I just came from Bradley Cooper memorial vid from dodgerfilms 😭



Max Hayes

They don't make creepy Easter eggs like they use to, apart from the bioshock one, the music gave me a little shiver

Keonia Jefferson

in real

Charli Brown

I know what you mean but by not desiplenting your children could turn them spoild


Soccer stereotypes plz

Wohlf Dog


Todd Glapion

Hey Guru I just wanted to point out at 6:31 the ball with the star on it is a ball in the movie rattitoule or however u spell it thanks

WalCor 'Um Daltônico Comum'

Jaiden, When Your Comming To Brazil?

Pillsbury Doughboy

6:13 me.