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Adam warlock

The problem isnt on the consoles it's on the game creators they dont make quality games with quality stories. Look at how well God of war did without reaching into players pockets but focusing solely on the the story for player.

TK Wallace

11:00 gero

Jayanthi Ramachandran

BPD - Borderline Personally Disorder

Mr Memelord

Those golden sun biscuits sound like freaking biscottis 😂

Analoh SililA

Coby looks delicious....yum yum..🤤🤤


yali buk

dystopia style and great screenplay along with a profound message 🖤

Trick Shot Town

Sub on me


how is mike doing we want him in another vid


wow just what I was looking for. Awesome editing quality stuff


No, the hammer means sledghammer games..m every 3 years mening AW, After that was BO3 after a SLEDGEHAMMER GAME

AJ's Wonderful World

What happened to Corey?

Yash Vids

I was knowing that dude perfect will win

cj the hopper

4:04 coby is 2nd place but Tyler said the worst hit so far.

B O S S M O P S.

Great video as always. I just love your channel and your editing <3


To all the ignorant fools: Please, please, PLEASE tell me how this POSSIBLY could be fake.

Justin Hizon

So I guess theres gonna be one in Frozen?


Dont wanna break it to you, but, we already talk and act like in the video, soooooo.... Its no suprise!!!

Matthew Hurst

Wow i never realize any of them when i rewatch them I see lol

Lyndell Chambers

Both teams laughed and joked with him. Only Lebron told him “get the hell away from me”