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The nerd


you are so cool and famous i like all of you ;D;D;D                                   germany                                                                                                                        cologne

Maya's World


Ciara Williams

Tyler is always the rage monster LOL 😂

Boba Fett

I live in Michigan and him saying “gonna put a rack of ribs on the grill and take a dip” made me sick 😂😂

Michel Kreienkamp

Garret ist ein hurnsonn verdecken soll der krebs hat der verdient späßchen

excuse my english

Two, since people will be asking about the name did you start the channel when you were legally classed as a "kid"



My name Is Lemon

2:43 his neck is really fat 😳

AJ stone R

Can you not sya foot its football its not hard

Jai S Clarina

Whenever I watch this kinds of videos I’m always a mix but I am proud that I have different personalities and experiences in me


There is a difference in Punishing and Discipline idk why some people in the comments thinks getting a spanking is a punishment If the child did something wrong they need to be disciplined it’s not abuse if there is no marks, blood, or bruises bc sometimes talking to them doesn’t work and also a spanking is only 3-5 fast hits in the butt y’all make it sound like they are in a scary movie or something


Nate, u sure love that trolley don't you


Imagine riding that Rubber Duck in the hood with that music

Dag Nasty Odi

was the hitman Easter egg a reference to Today by Smashing Pumpkins?


There's also a chainsaw in the abandoned movie set.

Luke Foley

taylor swift

Rat Lady

i was 4 pounds

Julio Romero

Alguien de mexico


🔥🔥🔥 fire Wit polo and tjay even more fire wit baby and gunna


Subtle thumbnail haha 😏

Heyitmekensi Yay

I have agesma too it’s hard to cure (sorry I don’t know how to spell it)

David Holt

Please do the panintball battle.😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

Juan Pablo Moragrega

bienvenidos a....haha ok welcome here..

cody carter

They probably spend some much money on the rage monster

Boy: shows roblox girlfriend

Shin Tae Oh

Dude, the maggots part... She's so brave. :'(

If you decide to ignore (the above)

Kauan Cruz ribeiro

Américanos bixa

Vitor gamer X

Hello aí em Brasil

Sports Man

Faints duh


the 2 one got me dying of laugther !!!😂😂😂

Anaheim Ducks Hightlights & Games

Go 'Hawks!!


soo Blackbeard got nerf?


Guru, why Top 5 but no Top 10?

MU Online

A lot of money in this video

Queen Brooklynn

What happened to you biological Mom and why did your dad decide to take hes life along with your step mom?? I also think that someone could've helped save her!

Poweller 123



You should make camera guy edition

Defod Vaan Ddjit

I will survive to see the day F F6 got remastered


alisha D

My real name is elias... :)

orlando sanchez


Christian Felipe

Your triks are the best


This was published 2017 not 2019 so chill


Ricardo is a fake bitch ass, ive never seen him, but his fucking fake. Man fuck him. You can easily see its fake, the balls go to fast and theres no shadow on the ground.

Rylie Hoppe

I knew they were going to win. :)

50,000 subscriber with No videos

Rip Cory’s eyebrows

Edward Stephenson

There is also Lana (Aisha Tyler) from Archer hidden in the crowds somewhere.

derfla 04

i think 4:03 looked like A115