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herokiller 66

I did not understand the flash part

crusader deus vult

See's title immediately called FBI but when I watched the video with the FBI we had to call the hospital cause our heart grew 10x that day

Devin Nolte

you should blow up a car

Christopher Newman

Basketball please

Bunch of pussies bitching about there "member of the family" dying

Darlin Dejesus

Don't listen to the haters.

Alex M

She's destroyed the jonas brothers effort at least! Haha

Shiaowei Zurlo



Put magnesium in liquid nitrogen and light it while it is in the liquid nitrogen


@ 6:53 that actually startled me.


Exactly..... You walked right into my trap

Fuhny. Ikke får barn.

Do TY have birthday 24 March... me2

Jacob Anderson

probably the most queer thing I've seen all weel

Roz Campbell

Purple hoser???

A Bowl Of Cornflakes

Aww so freakin cuteeeeeeeeeee!!!! Wish you well!!!

Jeremy Goodwin

Hey Arron how does your shoulder feel?

Matthew Murphy

Gaming boy/man = Garret

Josh Hernandez

Justin Beiber sitting next to him wearing sunglasses indoors while watching a sporting event. What a douche. 🙄


2:05 Threesome lol

S4 Official

The Dream Journal may also refer to the movie SharkBoy & LavaGirl, and when Lava Girl gives her statement about dreams to the main character. I wouldn't recommend watching the movie if you've never seen it though.


I spy G-Eazy

Esther EEM

Toney's haircut's worse!!!!

Noah Izzy

This is John. 👻Every sub on Noah Izzy is 1 year. He is 16 now.Let’s See how old he can get

Adonis Percival

Frozone vs Elsa im calling it

Jennifer Fredericks

Arrow Swish

hakim lindsay

you can use vehicles you just cant die