Campus Crush at UJLove is a universal language understood by all, and when it travels, it has the power to bridge cultures and connect people. But let's face it, sometimes love can be scary. For a lot of us it is the unknown that makes us fearful. So indulge in episode 10 and see how Campus Crush helped a UJ student express love. Enjoy and don't forget to like and subscribe.#CampusCrush #CampusCrushLove #LoveKnowsNoBoarders #LoveTravels #Bafwethuchallenge Email us on or whatsapp us on 0817535292check Sound track online - Lebotjotjo by Magatsela MoreStand a Chance to win Vodacom next level hamper(hoodies, Data Bundles, Cell Phones, bottles)by Doing 30 Sec video of #bafwethuChallenge tag us on our social media platform @campuscrush_


I'm auto draft

Dech Nourtide

Okay, so now you're putting easter eggs into your own videos //on// easter eggs. Man, what next, easter eggs inside of easter eggs inside of easter eggs inside of a man inside of a dragon inside of an easter egg inside your easter egg videos? Man, This is getting too confusing.

Sakura -Chan

I'm early!!

xygubf xtgcf

The first one looked a bit like they were dabbing XD

Matthew Hirsch

That trophy is literally taller than Cory

Mike Tyson

dafaq, what is wrong with your comment?

Haylie S

"A few years later we had our fourth daughter" Outdaughtered enters chat

Shooting toys

krvn prk

first of all, that first 10 secs creeped me the hel out


Wow this is really well made! i love you~

Elijah Chiu

I don't think the training work cause he didnot get drafted 😂


Dude do more of these now! lol xD good work new sub here

jack innes

DUDE!!!! the mirriors egde one. the feels

Matt Medina

You could of won coby



no jump off a building and do a backflip then have a hoop in water then dunk? eh

Emmy Caulkins

I love volleyball

Oh. I mean the gta ghost one! I totally knew what you were talking about

No one:

scream'n Eagle

And a tree manget

K.P.A asd

9:42 thanos in infinity war


haha the last easter egg was so funny!

oh my! sodapop

this is quite true...i went for a race as a competition and well i ended up 6th out of 7 runners. i felt so bad as atthe begining of the race i was first. i kept beating myself ip for it, i disappointed my school afterall... but then i realised, ive never trained to run properly, the other girls seemed to be kore experienced and well, i was too nervouse before the race. when i ran the race i began to feel weak...and nearly fainted i started to lose control in my arms and legs. i had low iron in my blood so that made me lise energy and power during the race.

Adam Tran-chung

Do one with Tom Brady

Tyler Walker

I feel so bad for the person who died, may he or she rest in peace.

archer patric

the building will be out of use for 2 to 3 weeks to fix on it

Makgorometje Makgata

My older brother has muscular dystrophy

Anthony Withrow

0:35 just pause the video and see...

Salima_ _d

Thé pain in her voice

Barbara Debel

No existe en el mundo ni en ningún idioma del mundo deporte alguno llamado "soccer" el deporte más grande popular y prácticado del mundo se llama FOOTBALL como siembra re estos yanquis de mierda idiotas tratando de Falsificar la verdad y la realidad pobre gente estúpida


Here's an easter egg: the tongue monster in the school segments is masturbating while he's chasing you.

Tashriq Tazdid

I feel bad for coby

Muhammed Ali DEMİR

I like TURKEY❤❤

Alex girl

Bendy and the ink machine chapter 5 Flow # Flow # Flow # Flow # Flow # Flow # Flow # Flow # Flow # Flow

JDonFire Gaming


Ps. Don’t hate me for putting this out there, just saying it’s an option not that most people would really do it

Champs ViZion

What Skip?


04:20 isnt it max

Raj Kodappali


Scooby H

2 fat fucks

Sophia Bizzarro

Imagine when the dog dies😬🤯


Ever heard of a phone password?

Phones can become a TV


By far the best Dude Perfect video!!!!!

whizzer whizzer

This got recormendid