candlestick forum market direction June 20, 2019

The J-hook pattern that developed in the indexes allowed candlestick investors to be participating in the new uptrend immediately. Today's positive trading continue to improve the profitability of existing positions versus waiting to see if the trend was really true.

Shane Fernandez

I’m in 2018

♞ Go Fuck Yourself ♞

I've played all of them and even though it doesn't match them as a game or doesn't even match Daxter,it is a great game on it's own.The story wasn't that good but the gameplay was fun and the areas were fun to explore.Still,it's a PSP game and it was made after ND technically begged for it so I have to appreciate HIG's efforts to make a JaD game,even though it didn't match the others.Besides,I liked how it brought eco powers from JaD 1 back in...


But if I don’t know what is my dream and I’m not successful or talented? What do I do?

Bill Clinton

One time when I was hospitalized, a drug addict threw a cup of pee at the nurses station, got naked, and almost had sex with a guy in the waiting room until security broke them up.


Nice job Guru, I cant wait the next video! Guru Rocks!

Zotic Shinobi

I'm the creepy guy gnawing on a pickle in the cornerJK that ain't a real thing

Tue My

Nài nỉ


But tbh, Piranhas can be a legit NBA team nickname

Jackson Sharpe

The basketball ryan dunn

That's not it though, in GTA V, the Epsilon program worship a deity called "Kraff", he's described with a birthmark over his right eye...Francis Sinclair is a descendant of Kraff!!!!


This feels like the new Black Mirror episode. Am I the only one?


Who else is watching while chewing gum

Claire Martin

Whoever wrote this should get a award.

TheMAD_ Bin

классно обожаю вас!!!

Jennifer Aniston

Wait, ethan said they were drinking an almond milk latte...but he's allergic to almonds??? XD



Anne Campbell

There is an injection that you can get, it's an Anticonvulsant. It may be able to help you. I'm not a medical professional, I've just read a lot about this and it seemed to have helped other people. I suggest going to a more advanced specialist and asking about this option.

Aayush playz

He could have just thrown the ball🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

1 like - +1000 protectors for her best friend.


You need the recognition you deserve guru!! Keep it up bro!!

Hugo Barahona

"when you enter the toy store with Sam & David" xD

Ben Madsen

Team coby

Video:7 minutes

Leo Schaettgen

Mowto Mowto

Ra in

9:24 The leap of Snakes

Harley Quinn

October 15th is my birthday! Thanks for the birthday present!

John Petty

The main Dude Perfect guy looks like Jose Bautista

James Pegg

Why is skip talking about game 2 they literally played a defense to take him out of the game

James Piercey

Pac man

Geoff De Beenhouwer

groove ass music on point

Vagelis Aker