Capital Talk - 20 June 2019

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Link: Yes I finally killed Ganon once and for all

John Domingo

Tried this and it hit my face instead of the bottle. Is that still skill?

I cant think of a name so hi

0:27The new meme-When you think everything is getting better but it doesn’tOn the way to a gas station at 2:14 am to get some snacc but they’re closedWhen you’re at the climax of your dream but you wake up

kiernan mccleerey

Another amazingly made vid with an amazing background song

Mrs. Avery

the MOST autotuned song ever

Lucero Armijo

I feel so sorry,


I think that the Ancestor and Mirage easter eggs in Journey should be in the video if the flOw creatures in Flower are... 

Night bot

Son: Dad, I'm gay


So she ruined someone's wedding. How nice of her

Shrishti Sonker


Diego Barroso

Curling coffin corner

5zAñð0r P1aÿz

The couch flip is for BTS dude 😂😂😂👁👄👁

samarth menoki

How many tries did it take to do triple loop- d-loop????

AnTonya crazy kids

You should film marshown Lynch


The creator of this video clearly does not understand basic psychology.


What are your favorite type of Easter Eggs? Sequence, or Random Easter Eggs?

Or is it just me😂🤔


Do red dead redemption

sh kzk

0:26 PewDiePie is that you?


Captain Flynt.......Zane Flynt.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Vj Ryuutsu

baby baby baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh PEQUOD DOWN!!!!

zzkillerzZz Sniper

6:31did anyone else see the puppy in the background

Golden savage

sub to pewds