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Anu Thomas

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jonathan harvey

Yes. If you look on the blue screens in the first level of Halo Anniversary, there is a Troll face in the corner of that screen. There is also a picture of a raccoon that reads "have you seen my cat" on the blue screen.

Patrick Mcgrady

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Thought about by hideo Kojima Some kid: i saw a dream where i was flying....but its not real soo.....

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Servannah Matia

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Vang Her



Hey Guru, here's something in cod waw Nazi zombies on nacht der unoten, i don't know if it's a glitch or Easter egg i have no idea,but on the ps3 on the loading screen on online i kept tapping these buttons R1, R2, L1, L2, and when the game started up i needed to be revived and when i was i had no weapons on my screen at all...check it out....

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is it free?

Ramkumar Pokhrel

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I’m a tomboy.

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I got diagnosed with g.a.d back in november, if you’re struggling please don’t fear about seeing a doctor, there will always be someone to help you <3

Jake And Sarah Health Nuts

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