Celebrity Wendy Shay Says She Has No Problem With Shatta Mitchy Plus Eno| HD |

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Taylah Ward

I feel bad 4 you!!!!!!!!

A Most Subscribed Orange

For those of you wondering what the answer to 0:54 is it's March 24

AEK Varney


Tomas Lee


Ana Martínez



Congrats on 10 mill!!!

Gabriela Mendez Morales

I like mexico and portugal

Galaxy Spark

I don’t get it... if the kid was Russian and the other kids spoke English how would u know what they were saying... also I said the kid because u voice the videos like every time

Naieem Ali Warsi

I love you guys 😍😍😍😍


Lydia Wolfe

I never knew there were so many popsibilities to making popsicles.

Retro_ Gigabyte

Hey whats the aong called

Ivy J.

This is the funniest shit lmaooooooooooo


Hi Guru I wanna ask how did you managed to deal with copyright claims? Because my videos that we make by my Aunt is block in some country BTW I always love your video although it's long to get new Easter Eggs videos but worth the wait THUMBS UP

Jude Crowley

We are on our way soon to get the money




Keep your private shit private this is YouTube not Facebook

kemalasari nas darisan

how to ruin my childhooddp: this is video editing


My man returned all that shit after the camera turned off!!! 😂😭😭😭


Lol memes. 



mom> slaps me

Aaralyn Mullins

People are always saying having a period is a blessing, but ion see it!


Jackass of 21st century


Haha nice one timbits

Paistin Lasta

In Lost tv series is there giant death ray in island, and in one mission you have to go there some dude talk about cannibal-zombies

Tom Banner


Titan The hockey goalie master

Ty you got to get in the butterfly


6:00 kar98k 😂

Sir Isaac the Great

10 Year Olds: I never knew Disney was releasing a sequel to The Emoji Movie

TheGreatOrGood Studios

I almost crapped bricks when I saw this video. Just letting you know that you have the ability to make people crap bricks.

Lane Kelley

Dude you could be the best quarterback in the nfl!!


You know you clicked for the tumbnail :)


It takes a special kind of snowflake to call that a shove.


Daira Samaniego


TheNotoriousVIC ._.

It’s not a secret anymore

Daboss 2cool

when will ty ever lose

That One Guy

glad i looked at the comment section at the beginning of the video

Michael De La Rosa

number 10 was cool with the yeti


tbh most people dont even know WW1 so its still skeptical to the gaming community.

Dj Kieren


Flench Calvin

Dude perfect you made the mega trick shot in the world

Sea Unicorn .3.

My lack of empathy didn't stop until she said she wanted to be prettier just for the sole purpose I can relate to that.


Mr. Beast: last person to leave the boat wins 50,000 Just kidding

random kid

The texter

Nathan Losier

That’s video is was so cool 😎

David Ridler

Is Fred real

Even you're adopted ...

emi dl

This is a very inspiring story

Santa Blue

Come on man. Duke is doing great rn

ishay nir

he rote inpired but he meant inspired


FaZe Perfect?

Septic T

69 mil views

Survived. I love both of them. Even though my cousin is

Emily Silvernail

I GOT IT FOR ONCE! It's Elon Musk!