Choosing PAMM manager

moon wolf gang

She gonna be like bitch bye

Rose Bc

I wish I was nice to find nice people when I was in high school

Vincent Wedekind

What song is that


Grizzles Master1

this one is creepy but the other one is actually cool

Nicole Perez

Go to Puerto Rico!!

Alan Walker

I go for Brazil but I know France is going to win

titi ekunsanmi

So in conclusion... they’re illiterate 😂

Joe Tan

I like frisbees just like Brodie smith

Malynda Wenzl

I have been to frans and Iceland


@FunWithGuru wait! how come can the monkey hit you!? i dont know much bout the map im on ps3 and ill download at 21.00


to be honest who ever drew this has amazed me a lot!!! Nice drawing skills :)


4:43 this guy looks so strange

also, think about using your voice for various other video formats (keep doing a shitload of easter egg vids tho :p) luv from germany <3


The Creative Player

3:20you should of seen Cody’s face Btw anyone 2019

Rubina Ansari


Olivia vlogs Channel


Nachy Gold

Awesome video, Dylan definitely is awesome!

Sniff Butt

How Sid you not die?????

Pablo Martínez



When will panda show his face like if he should


Thats how I like the Rage Monster


The gta IV theme song ... So magic for my ear ;( Ha Nostalgia... I can't forget the first cutscene of the game. That's really awesome! Thanks Rockstar for this game!

Business Cat

Freaking love the ending xD "nope"


Porter is a character from the zombies storyline. I don't know about the developer.

maneewan chang

If bully tried to bully me



O.B.C xd

i play lax i can score on tyler. i am a starter

Alice Ortiz

God bless

Jacob Lopez


Stephen Sungenis

i broke my leg on a trampoline

ha, can’t relate

Ymca Doge

3:48 I freaked out

just a daydreamer

I sometimes feel like I'm under pressure when I'm talking to people, and I can NEVER keep up with small talks.. is that pressure caused by the fact that I'm an introvert


Ken Ken

hey guys maybe some of you are jealous cause your not in a dude perfect video don't feel cause you guys can make a trick shot too so be proud

Hanane Benchabar

Why does she draws dots on them? Dont get That.

LaVa RoSe

This reminds me of my parents...Sister..Mother and father fighting....Stuff smashed...I sometimes think my parents never see me in front of them and just start to fight...


stephen curry



immortalkim chain

I live in philipines

Tom Berrafato

Ty wins too much, do something that ty sucks at

Cynical 2214

I’m confused he was alive in 1918

Tell the teachers yea she would go to jail but I don’t care

Ali Bobo

Did you put your hair before everything? I don’t wanna be THAT girl but if you put something before God punishment will happen , pray about it but really mean it and Christ Jesus will save your life and you WILL get better and your cancer will go away