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Samantha Jong

GIRLS!! legends create instagram

crouton amine

Ohhh my good

Or relive the golden great ape transformation to super saiyan 4 in HD and 3D. Now that’s something I’ll spend my money on.

Superdevildev awesomeness

tyler had a longer beard "yesterday"

javed alam

Dwayne johnson

Reuben Aby

tyler my favourite

Alex Berg


Jeffrey Rechtsteiner

Who is the panda

Rai Benjamin da Silva

Translating the message from the TV to english: Me: GEEGEE SISTER


Hopefully headshots work


i saw a flash of shreck at the end...

Aum Parek

The next sports trick shot should be cricket

Travis Gibboney

hey dude perfect can you text hi to me it will be awesome


I always do the easter egg on the map the rig. Every single time. Its so much fun. But that creepy monster under the map... I always hated the red area for some reason and now i know why...


wtf is this! i believe i subscribed to dude perfect not jackass......stick to b ball shots


From lady liberty in New York City


reads title


such show offs

Ezzeldin mohd

so basically a gaint hurricane ocean dam


Is it just me, or is every second of the trailer a new phone wallpaper?

Tavo Gamer 22

rostar puedes suvir unvideo de gta 5 pero quese escu hne tuvos enelvideo porfavor

Miguel Mendoza

how many shots did that take... im gessin like only 1000

Sonya Mur

Вот именно поэтому я люблю смотреть фильмы в оригинале

Brandy Zoch

Why is Jen so hot even when she's sick? D:

The Son Of Sparda

Saints Row IV... had a TARDIS parody... Fucking awesome!

Daisy Wei

I thought that I was the one who went horse-riding today!😖😠😡


Why did they measure the bike distance differently for Ty ?

Bo Ra

When first part of experiment do you guys watch 5 minutes craft?

Max K

a loser battle

Ryan Russell

Check out dare dudes that's my YouTube with some buds

Moritz Wahlmüller