Close beberapa Op dulu guys buat atur ulang strategi

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Jaqueline Sanchez Coss

99% Of These Ppl Thought He Broke Up With Her

Fredrica Bovril

bruh,this is soooo heart breaking and embarassing. im 14 now and i did this. but i dont know what would i have done


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Introverts aren't considered anti-social. They just have less of a threshold for activities that require them to engage in longer periods of human interaction than others. If you're an introvert and your friends are pushy like that-- know your boundaries. Teach that to them, too. I've had COUNTLESS extroverted friends. And I mean that. It's easier to let them know that you just don't want to go. If they stop inviting you or start guilt tripping or call you names---- that has /nothing/ to do with being extroverted vs. introverted. That is a person that lacks the self-esteem, personal respect, and an understanding of what personal space is. But I agree here with if you're rude and don't answer your friends by at least telling them "no, i'm good," they'll just assume. That's what all people do, introverts included. xD I was grateful for my extroverted friends. Because I really would never leave my house or sometimes even my room if I didn't have to. It was a mini rescue. It's charming when you know each other's limits, and have respect for the friendship and the connection you share with others.


Pennywise + Real Life = Nightmare Fuel


What if the ground was made of trampolines? Then it would be a wonderful world

Guitar player 48

Do a trick shot video at Angel Stadium.

The noisy kids

RiZe Thunder

What's the song in the background

Mia Castillo

Why do you bleep out bullying


You forgot an Easter egg refferencing Mad Max, in a place called Back Street Apparel in the top floor there is a canned dog food with a fork on top of it.

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@1willmckinney no its an official record

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I’m Chaos Opener

Slime Artist

And the sisters oop

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You can get mr toots if you finish red faction armegedon

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How many times would you hit a golf ball with a bat?

Like stfu the whole world isn't gonna end if some random person awkwardly complements you

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LOL Cody’s face in puppy surprise

BadGame 321

Fun Fact

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That girls voice sounds like she’s 14

Big Chungus

NO NOT YOU GUYS i heard this girls voice on actally happened >-<

Finessing clout

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My username is ultracarterthegrea3 Man

How to stop cheating but not make the other person that is dating your man or woman 1. Find a guy you think the other girl or boy will like


Weres ur boobs

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My high score is 208


70% Comments about her getting an A-

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the lol easter egg is gone i tried this like 1 month ago