Counter Trend Lines #3

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Matt Johnson

Anna: I won't let anything happen to her*boss music plays in the background

Kirti Nagdeve

I m team coby If u too reply me 1. If not reply 2.


Dude you are fucking awesome take your time on making videos because more time equals better videos!

Jazlyn Grosskreutz

My fave is Cory so hot😍😍

Chuste Martiny

facing da feet? fuck Wendy's, Ronald MC Donald won big time with this one

3r Skate

True story?

Luis Raul Garcia Mendoza

i hope you dont get copyright problems because the shepherd of fire it would be a shame if they take down this video


cody threw this whole thing

marcos romanazzi

You stole babish tiny whisk? Not even mad

Yeah I checked.

Damen LaPalm

Ethan laying down the truth.

Elijah McCullough

twin shot


in bed...

Corey's Morgan

Wow!! What a show of respect from both fighters. So noce to see

Hull Brothers


Sarah the autistic mood

It's obvious it would be DID this is so sad

Marco Berkat

romantic time stereotypes



Emily Ann

It's Super Bowl game day! And here I am!Edit 2 boring days later: I'm more for the commercials. Especially after the game we had the burden to watch


Whoa 115 degrees

A Soap

2 videos within a week? im blessed af daddy Guru

edgar santiago

fell in love with her again. beautiful, talented, cool, and a straight up savage on those wings.

Brent Moerman

tyler never shave your beard again

Tranzit Lover

The game looks pretty nice but I just don't like the time slowing effect

Translate ASMR


The line cutter

Васильев Андрей

Ага а кто из нашей Раши?))

Payton Turner

I dont like it when ty wins

Neon Hawk

I'm so happy that Ty is take caring my people

Jake Hughes

now try that swoosh, no rim hit, no backboard :D

Erly Yusti

Exited yeayyy. 🙌

Valte Grins

Make a Winter steriotype

Mehmet Akif Çalışkan

Amazing video sir!

Jeff Stumpf

Dude perfect you are the best I love you guys I want you are the best ever created you are the best for traps in the world sign holder Thai



I spotted it.