Cryptocurrency Trading vs Forex Trading ☝

★ Should you switch from trading Cryptos to Currencies? ★ Where to Trade FX or Cryptos? If you found value in watching this video, PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can do more!Bitcoin vs Forex: Understanding The Differences.Should you switch from trading cryptos to currencies? i.e. migrating from trading crypto like bitcoin, ethereum..etc to traditional currencies like the Dollar, Pound or Yen...There are plenty of reasons to stay in cryptos but also plenty of reasons to trade traditional fx pairs.What is your opinion about forex trading vs crypto currency trading?Which one is better? More profitable ?Yes: Reasons for switching to currencies from crypto- Forex is cheaper to trade- Leverage is normally higher- More liquid- Less susceptible to news- Less tail risk- More broker choice- More opportunities; arguably there are more opportunities in forexNo: Reasons not to switch from Cryptos to currencies trading- You know Cryptos; if you're made money trading Cryptos why should you move?- Forex is not as volatile- If you don't want to play against the 'big boys'- Too much to watch; in fx there is a perception that there are too many things to look at.- Big moves are coming; if you think big moves are coming in cryptos it may be better to stick to cryptos- Proven successWhich is more profitable for you, trading with Forex or trading with Crypto Currencies?Related Videosor Cryptocurrencies Day Trading? Which is Riskier? 🤔Reasons Crypto Traders are Wrongly Nervous about Trading FXto Transitioning into Forex from Crypto Trading 👊

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Gee Em

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