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6’ 6” 😂


Ezekiel Elliott is my favorite player, I wish I could meet him!😁 If you have a favorite football player, comment who it is.


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These stories are so fake

karen young

I'm blowing bubbles right now

Panagiotis Georgiou


XxSophie FoxtailxX

1 like = 1 hug for all people who go through parents getting divorced, parents dying, being homeless, or living in orphanage, we all support you!

Audrey Davenport


Stalin Cen

dat farting little pony, lol

Soldier1: I am serious, and dont call me Shirley

Ben Blank

WHO is the Dude in the white Shirt

Savage Rogo

Who else wonders why it's called the old office edittion

Tatum Berry


Elliott Smith

Woooooooo coby boy

Charlie Lover

Don't attack someone if they have a different opinion than you!

spudtastic !!

i swear the history revision was more like geography 😂😂

Rodrigo Herrera

So considering:

Gachalife Heart

If u wanted ur cancer to stop why didn't u eat vegietables?


when i was 12 i was around 70 kilos

keisha stone

who ever recording need to be still

Kai Ture

Where did his accent go at 6:16


I'm really loving the high quality editing

sly fly

These stories just victimize women.

knife kid77

good job gerret


Disney has become such an unoriginal company, only stupid sequels and bad live action movies based on older creations.

Anthony Lavezzola

You better have given them money for food or else ur terrible people

John Kelly

It is a crime that I can only like this video once.

Shalad master


Let’s play gaming 123

Oct 2018 anyone


'in the small borough of staten island' BIGGER THAN MANHATTAN LMAO

Fuck ‘em all 'cause they broke .

Arctic Drift

Avengers infinity war



John Wick The Game: THE CD PROJECT RED SERIES 2077

North Wilson

The music love you Lele

Remco Sloove

spongebob joke, childhood ruined



dimension of alexandra

Love this vid ❤

Renato C.Francisco

Man, Guru. You are awesome. As a good Easter egg Hunter, I will pay attention in every Frame of your videos for now. If I can

Julius Cordova

Great video man! I love the Borderlands series.


gives me out the 1st gen feels but still loving it!

Glenn McKee

whats the song

Ears bleeding


who's watching this between 2010 and 2110 like this comment


11 september there's gonna be something, because video is 9:11 long. Just the theory.