Daily Trading Ideas | Jay about the Institutional Forex View. May 27, 2019

The timestamps for this video:0:01 – Introduction1:45 – Possible trade opportunity from last week3:25 – Headlines9:46 – Strength vs. Weakness11:05 – CB Reviews20:35 – Possible trade opportunity#TradingExpert #ForexTrading #ChartAnalysisJoin our free LIVE webinars: actions are tomorrow's results! Admiral Markets presents the trade of the day – LIVE. Meet the industry's leading daytraders.Learn about market screening and trade the Idea of the Day in just 15-20 minutes. Join our hosts to hear new ideas, discover new tactics and knowledge and improve your market know-how!Each of our experts has their own individual trading style, from scalping Forex and Indices – in both small and large volumes – to price action trading, and much more.One thing is for sure – this exclusive peek over the shoulders of our experts will only benefit your trading and maybe help you earn while you learn!Real-Time Daily Trading Ideas is more than just an analysis of the markets. Converting analysis into a fully-fledged trading idea is the ultimate goal. By watching our trading-pros at work, you'll also learn much more about how to use MetaTrader 4 and MT5, with our great, (and also free!) Supreme Edition add-ons! Proper Risk Management and a small Q&A in each webinar will help to close that circle.************************************************👤 Open Real Account: Open Demo Account: Join Upcoming Webinars: Contact us:► RISK WARNING ◄ Forex & CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 84% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Therefore, you should not invest or risk money that you cannot afford to lose. You should ensure you understand all of the risks. Before using Admiral Markets services please acknowledge the risks associated with trading. This webinar/event is produced for a global audience. Admiral Markets offers its services in various jurisdictions by utilising several companies authorized and regulated, please visit for details:

Joel Wright

Who names their Son Serena

Apsara Angel

The heck Matt my dad is the one who defends me from my mom


“I was born to a 17 year old mother who was 17 at the time” big shocker.

Paltrygirl Plays

It’s a undesirable pain begins describing the pain

Keryn McLear


Erik Keller


Lisa Marie

I cannot imagine the fear those people in the building felt 😨 probably scared as HE**. RIP mr pilot

ColourBlind 24

I swear I've heard that "wilheim scream" in almost every movie and I've heard it in a few games too

Jip Jorn

The big ben tower shot


I just came here for Ratchet And Clank :3 That was my fav game when I was 5-6-7 and it's still one of my favs :D


“turn down volume”

Treble Hook

I'm the 1,000th like!


yes it was yes it was



Senior Ricketts

Holee sheet didnt expect the ending

Martina Solcova

Panda is best!!!

Trevor Trujillo


Dominik Toney

scene probably wont actually make it into the movie

Isaiah hill Vlogs


Samed Erdem

CM Punk ? 1:21

Grainne Mhaol

I love this series, but to include Poltergeist with no Tangina is ASMR heresy.

Jacob Coronado

Frozen 2 MovieFrozen 2 is in 2.35:1 aspect Ratio Screen


Mystic Legend

3:35 oh so that is how the rich kid did his watermelon power trick


Mike Peso

The ending song to the vid is called 30 hours for those who were wondering

TE Knudson

Cracker Barrel is My Favorite Restaurant, Biscuits, Fish, Country Ham, Okra, Biscuits, Cake Etc.


this is odd.. but its cool!

Zach Duke



poor sarah 

Robert Raw

i always knew about ghost lady


I came here for likes damn it

Nathyn Chase

I want a car😂😂😂

Pat Bly

Why isn't this guy a quarterback!?!?


do you think if i made a webshow called boy perfect that would be copying

Ave Holmes

I can't explain that to my friends that I don't want attention...I want to feel loved 😔

Aliyah Smith

I feel so bad for her! If I was there I would've smacked your dad across the face with a plate and see how HE liked it

This ia my Name

3Rd comment

Owen Driscoll

this is frozen for fucks sake it’s not this dramatic

David and Anna Lyndon


Jamal Hammoud

@makaveli65 omg wtf how can that be ... lol thats freaky


First the Score in Apex, now Des Rocs!


There is one easter egg I found that's a little obscure. When you first go to F.E.A.S.T., there's two guys talking about Spider-man and his powers. They're talking about what they would do if they had his powers and one of them says he would be a wrestler, a clear nod to how Spidy made his debut.

Yukkuri Queen

My bully was my tracher's son

Cole Daly

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اكو عرب؟

Cristiano Ronaldo

Korea anyone?

Ashleigh Davis

I feel like I got lucky when I gave birth because water broke around 7am and my daughter was born at 4:44 that afternoon.

Will Merricks

At level four there was already egg on the ground

aesthetic bodø

Toy story was just amazing for me when i was s kid

Miha Miharu

I always complained about the little things in life like money, school and fake friends but I never had that time to say thank you Jesus for my life.:'(