Darum ist Volumen-Trading so effektiv!

Volumen Trading DeutschVolumen Trading Deutsch lernenWie ich Volumen Trading auf Deutsch betreibe lernen Sie hier: und Zielbereiche aus der VAP-Analyse: Kälberer ist der Experte im Volumen-Trading.Es findet keine Anlageberatung im Video statt, ich gebe nur meine persönliche Meinung im Video wieder! Future Trading ist riskant.Uwe Kälberer zeigt 3 Gründe, warum Volumen-Trading so effektiv ist.

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Isabella B3

At 1:53 did anyone else notice alaïa threw up

Skelett 11

cool music ;)

Ace Lexi Arya Rosengrant

Always gotta have the rage monster

Chris Dennis

u guys should have the rock on

Faizan Shamsi

He definitely broke the controller on that dive though

Elite Nerf Ops

in case you didn't notice Ty had his middle finger up on the cover of this video

ilyas masker

can you please do an assassin's creed one like you did in the cod series and please make it a long one great video by the way

Frontier Woodsman

Dudes, who is the music artist? I looked on the bubble wrap battle video and the music is mislabeled. I just cannot find this song, and my kids are asking for it.

RussellYoung Vlogs

Make another one

-Troy Silvester

at 01:27 jason

Cooper Clipz

Blue cherry is the best flavor

maya yaser

It’s not a race to the top it’s a race to see who try to and who don’t


and no one is talking about the doctor that almost killed her

ava valle

This won’t get better for me I have asked for help and didn’t get help

Ezekiel Goldberg II

From the trailer it looks like all they did is use the Dissidia models. The fanmods of the existing PC version already look better than that.

Gaylord Robinson

It sounded like marty said

Cha Miranda

Super Carlin Bros called it! Giants! Consider me intrigued...🧐

Shadowswolf girl


Mitalyn tata Dadis

Silver bullet v1 ok than V2

michael wharry

0:42 OMG LOL

Vanilla Cake

What happend to ur uncle

Kevin NGP

Who like this? 😍😍😍

carson brown

i"ts almost impossible to put out once it gets going" waves it around like a magic wand goes out


2 years later the builders come in the first village 😂😂😂

HS standing for han solo and 77 for the release date of the first star wars movie.

Sams Cam

YOU SHOULD DO A PART 3 that would be cool

Hilary Tsai

Background gradients are so beautiful

Doc8Ball's GearHead Gaming

I wonder if you could take John "Jocks" full name and enter it into a police computer if you can find him

Parekoy Ponciano


Tate Mushroom

the last one lmao


The real amazing one was the 6 or 7 straight LONG LONG shots that Lebron made! All on one video! Check it out. Now that is REALLY amazing.

The Duke of Pug

Didn't know bout the lemmium. That is awesome though!

Ur fucking LIFE

Gacha Avery

Im adopted but... My mom was real but my dad wasnt he is my step dad and i havent now whos my real dad is

B3A5T Clan


WORT gaming

panda is sooooooo funy i nearly laghed to death!

Nicholas Hyatt

😤😤😤 rage monster

semi imes


Sammy Sosa

Lowry fkn kills me at 4:15 🤣 LETS GO RAPTORSSS 💯🇨🇦🇸🇻💙


so, how many time did u try?

Halo 0O

I think ish is pretty much the sewers there is a painting drawn by a child in which there are two people wearing military is ish and some other person too i dont remember his name...and in the same sewers there is room where there are two clickers wearing those miliatry outfits ..soo in my opinion ish is now infected and dead unless you didnt open that room and killed those clickers lol

Blubber Fish arts

Yeah I am an immigrant (in Ireland) and I would get slightly picked on by students and teachers but my school is alot more open to it,

My cousin saved my life.

E-V-F 7604

The boomerang was a paid actor

Peachy Chimmy

I’m crying



Cause I don’t go outside

jane vendicto

whats the song called in the stanley parable part?

Demba Mboob

That RKO doe

Ivan Gelinger

more Easter eggs


I'm the appologetic one. My bad cause I'm not blaming my team y'all. I put the team on my backI can't STAND the 6 footer who only shoots threes because then I'm the 5'6 PG who has to drive Everytime or just play defense .

some people...