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John Doe

This shit is flames

symphony heart

What the hell man so using the gauntlets powers. Can disintegrate atreus???!!! What the hell man 😵

Daniel McCarthy

During this whole thing, tyler didn't wear his seatbelt fully over his shoulder, kids don't do that, it's dangerous

Nelson York

all of it

Mariana Hanson

Can you please make advance warfare Easter eggs


I’m happy to know there are people like you

Kellan Boone

I like Tom Brady and Julian Edelman


Hey guru I have a easter egg

Hamed Masood Parayil

Who's watching in 2017Like if u are


that was like a bad ass ending

Brent Palmer

Can you put me on one of your videos pls??


This video was made by a gamer's mom who doesn't know you can't play Fortnite with a ps1 controller

Clorox Bleach

3,436,834, to be exact

kraken plaz

You still edited this video lol

Ivan Ivanow

You spelled peyote wrong

Satan’s Baby

I’m the other women and yeah it’s sounds really bitchy but ppl don’t understand it hurts just as bad



Wendy jk x jm

As much as I love BTS, I wanna see how they are with spice and answering question.. I love you BTS and Sean Evans love your videos


Why did you kept recording him when he told you not to? Not surprised that he acted all annoyed & on distance

Jacob Axton

5 dollars. Definitely 5 dollars.

Hannah Southard

i didnt know cody wore glasses...

Josh McBride

Amazing video!


this is actually BLACK MIRROR on crack

Bobbi Kinkelaar

Green Bay Packers

_XTastyFrappX _

Panda Will Win!

Kathy Fan

Marshmallow dodgeball haha!

So amazing


yoyo lman

do cricket

Mary Boyd

This is crazy bro you want cazy

Shark Boy750

You should do types of campers

MonsterMaster Wilson

Dude perfect my brother James he was a big fan but not e anymore

Masterofchaos online

tyler is a di*k

desciple of legends

F for chandler

Mikko Zanker

2019 jan?

June Berri

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how wholesome jenna is. She never puts ads in the middle of her videos and she never shoves thousands of brand deals down our throats. Just genuine, fun, enjoyable hangout craft and pupper times. What an angel 😩

Theo Ball

Aaron Rodgers is awesome

Kippered BipBop

It actually looks okay! (but.. I’m keeping my expectations low because of how bad all the other sequels are.. that way if it is good, I’ll be blown away)

Emily Turner

Asher is incredibly talented and im speechless, his last name sticks true to him, he sings like an "angel" and is an "angel" 💫💞🌹

Allison Lonsfoote


Smick Eggs

you should do Steph curry

lea leo


Vision, Beauty, Mystery, Patience, Elegance, Cleverness, Intuition, Perception, Protection, Discernment, Cooperation

Justin Y. 2

Still trending..

Mathieu Danjou

Those are some nice ravin crossbow, looking to buy me an r10 this year