Day Trading Ruined My LIfe Forex Day Trader Lifestyle

What is the reality of a day in the life of a Forex day trader - Forex day trading ruined my life is it the road to losses or the route to consistent profits as many day traders claim - in this video we look at the facts behind day trading for a living and making money long term - beginners to day trading should pay careful attention to what the life of day traders really consist of

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@Christopher B. Martin the tip really performs fine! just tested it & earned over 250$ more already xD just go and watch the how to guide: youtu․be/uROrCi0FbZgbefore its unlisted


We understand and this isn't really that short it's like a length of most of the videos in youtube :D.. I haven't watch the blair witch project and if I have it would make me feel old.. for it was a 1999 movie.. 

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Guys it’s like a video game. Life is like you’re on level (insert your age), and the older you get, another level you complete. Now this new game, (death) is getting very popular. The thing is, no one has ever played the game, you’ve heard a lot about it though. If you play it, and don’t like it, there is no way to go back to your other game, and all your levels are now done.

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Wait..soooo if it is on someone else's channel, and they've never watched your channel, or they published these Easter Egg's before you, it's still stolen?


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