Day Trading. Tight Stops? Wide Stops? No Stops?

● Do you utilise stops in your trading? Subscribe if you want to learn while being entertained. ✔ Please like the video and comment if you enjoyed - it helps a lot!● To trade we recommend InterTrader:you utilise stops in your trading? Steve Ruffley, day trader comments.Do you utilise stops in your trading?Guys, please appreciate this guy is a day trader, meaning he holds and sells positions for very short periods and as such his methodology may be different to others.Is utilizing stop loss orders for the average trader a good or bad idea?It is often said that stop losses the main reason for being taken out of the game?How do you handle losses?What is your method in risk and money management?How do you trade size and manage larger positions?How do you effectively average into and out of trades?Stops are a good idea for beginner ideas but maybe not great for day traders.The problem for me is that I'm not really long enough in the markets for stops to be a factor.I don't think you ever get used to big losses - you take your dog for a walk or perhaps try to speak to your partner about it but it doesn't really help.That's why trading is a very lonely procession.

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This is a complete copy of the slowmoguys

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Grand canyon

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Awww man hope u feel better cody im so srry for your broken arm😢😢😢

Johnny Boy Strikes Back

You forgot Sonic CD

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Stephen Robinson

Characters losing limbs in the MCU is actually a reference to all of the Star Wars movies until The force awakens which didn't have a character losing a limb, not just The empire strikes back.

Trinity Ward

I think this was Germany


This is like the anime nana but in real life


What was the bottom anime in the thumbnail?

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What a good daughter!

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not all these are indie


The second clip the billboard also had a lost dog paper for bolt

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Fun fact:Most of the developers of Battlefield 3 are Swedish.

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You should do it the other way round 😂

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i feel so bad for panda they beat him up to much now we rarely see him wow

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Next Video: Giant Plunger Trickshots

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Harry Potter

The people who avoided him because of his face should be tortured into insanity or maybe you shouldn’t do that


Do movie easter eggs about hunger games its my fav series

Milkyway Anime


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I'm confused. When did it say that they work together ?

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This is could be the 1st Easter egg on television. I wonder you have more in the coming videos

Storybooth (comment ❤)



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Im sorry but.. if you went illegally.. really you can blame the u.s.a for trying to be safe... but I do dislike the fact that they took you out when you were already in the usa they should have stopped you before u made it. Im sorry about the situation but you can just walk up into a country and say im gonna escape that might be the case but u never know its like hitchhiking the driver or the hitchhiker doesnt know if the person is 100% legit ya know? Sorry if this gets anybody mad my parents are legal immigrants who came to america this isnt hating at all.

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Jake....huh....more like jake...from state farm

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WHOA! I recognize the finger style guitar cover song in the last bit of the vid! Great addition. Awesome that he allowed you to use it here, both the video and the song go along well together with how good they are.

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😢😥 my favorite YouTuber has a backstory in a pretty bad one


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