Diplom-Mathematiker scheitert an Mathe-Abitur 2019 !

Ich habe mich als studierter Diplom-Mathematiker am bayrischen Mathematik-Abitur 2019 versucht – und bin gescheitert. Die Aufgaben sind absurd schwierig, ein großes Unrecht! Wie kann man sowas unseren Abiturienten antun? Ich unterstütze vollends die Online-Petition, die eine Berücksichtigung dieses Unrechts in der Benotung fordert.#matheabitur2019

Eva Nuñes

your just like my firend in school Santiago and he achy my crush it docent mater what others think its hat you think I think im fat but im really not


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Danny the Uncanny

Slight reference to Babish and his tiny whisk

That Guy

nice tunes dude it's pretty mellow

Meli Vee

I bet something sad gonna happenedlike if I agree

Better than the other videos

Khalid Hussain

do assassin creed 4

Fetanizm Czołrabin


Tyler Varvil

Ty, it’s a Canadian quarter

Rachel Goodchild

Panda suit one

This Story is Absolutely B

Beckett Brubiks


Finnland Gaming

im the noob

Cody M

so much more respect for pandas now...

Ha..are you mocking me?


guru I'm friends with you on Xbox yo

Cheesymangoes2.7 Potato skins

I cried whilst watching this

Darrius Jones

Cory aged better

Anton Bakhmat

looks like people in cyberpunk prefer knifes to guns... Or how can we kill half robot ? hmm... lets strangle him...

Emma Drew

How does she remember such details from so young.

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Born in 1900s? But it’s 2019 now so ur 119 years old


Sounds to perfect.

GamingWithWiz Part Time


Oscar Daum

my feet are cold

Sharon Lee

Gosh I need this so much, I am so insecure about my body because most of classmates are super thin

Sticky Dude

i am a dp 28 fan

Heather MacMillan

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Big shaq da ting goes

Tonys the type of guy to continue fighting even when the bell has gone off.


Omg why is the exorcist 3 always the no.1 it's not even that scary

Nancy Holmquist

Where is the list of products?

dad:we have a bigger speaker downstairs


Basically don't eat a lot of snacks